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Chilli Sauces
Dartmoor Chilli Farm produces a range of quality sauces all made traditionally by hand in small regular batches for maximum quality and flavour. 

There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives in any of our products

All products are suitable for vegetarians AND vegans. We use no animal products in any of our ingredients. 

We use our own chillies in all our sauces & vinegars
Other fruit/veg we grow
We also grow the following fruit and vegetables which we use in our produce (depending on the time of year).  

•Sweet Peppers
•Red Currants
•Elderflowers and berries

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3 for £10 Details

3 for £10

3 Sauces of your choice for £10 Just pick your selections using the extra information box on the checkout form. Sweet Chilli Sauce Blackcurrant Chilli Sauce Hickory Smoked Chipotle Sauce Hot Pineapple Salad Dressing Habanero Orange & Peach Chilli Sauce Hot Fire Naga & Lime...
4 Sauce Gift Pack

4 Sauce Gift Pack

Four sauce gift pack in an eco friendly jute bag with handles- the ideal gift! A collection of four of our most popular sauces including :  Beast of Dartmoor Hot Chilli Sauce - a great all round hot sauce made with fresh Naga chillies Habanero Orange & Peach Chilli Sauce - medium heat...
Blackcurrant Sauce Details

Blackcurrant Sauce

Blackcurrant chilli sauce  Heat Rating : MEDIUM Weight : 150ml Part of our fruit sauce collection, this is a limited edition sauce made with freshly hand picked blackcurrants  and Naga Jolokia pc1 (both picked at the chilli farm) Containing over 55% blackcurrants, this has a really...
Chilli Gift Pack

Chilli Gift Pack

A great chilli gift selection supplied in an eco friendly good quality jute bag. Comprises :  Beast of Dartmoor Hot Chilli Sauce (Hot) The Kraken - Pineapple & Habanero Sauce (medium) Sweet Chilli Chutney (mild) Fiery Applie Chilli Chutney...
Dartmoor Beast Details

Dartmoor Beast

Beast of Dartmoor Hot Chilli Sauce Weight :150ml Heat Rating : HOT Unleash the beast! Introducing our " Beast of Dartmoor " hot chilli dipping sauce.   A review can be found here : New video review here  :...
Dartmoor Dragon

Dartmoor Dragon

The Hottest Sauce in our range.    Limited to 500 bottles. Heat : Extreme Weight : 100ml bottle Use : Dipping or cooking sauce Chillies used : Dorset Naga 28% + 6.4 million extract.  Over 2 nagas per bottle! This sauce is a new venture for us.  It should have been...


Dartmoor Dynamite, 100ml EXTREME   - 22% NAGA chillies (grown at our farm) Our most popular chilli sauce. There are hotter sauces on the market but not many are able to combine...


Heat Rating : EXTREME Weight : 100ml Batch FC06 hottest yet.  Lots of Carolina Reapers in this batch of 120 bottles. Picture coming soon A very special sauce containing a fusion of hot chillies all grown at the farm.. The blend of chillies is as follows : Firecracker Trinidad...
Hot Peach Sauce Details

Hot Peach Sauce

Just 5 ingredients in this sauce but the one we use most regularly at the farm! We have used fresh peaches combined with Habanero Orange chillies, grown here at the farm. A great dipping sauce or served alongside a slice of strong cheddar cheese.  Try it drizzled over a salad to really...
Naga & Lime

Naga & Lime

Hot Fire Chilli and Lime Chilli Sauce, 150ml Heat Rating : Medium Weight : 150ml SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS Full of lime zest and juice this sauce has a very good kick. Like the sweet chilli sauce it is undeniably full of tomatoes but with a real zing from the limes. One of our...
Smoky Chipotle Details

Smoky Chipotle

Heat Rating : MILD to MEDIUM Weight : 150ml   Hickory smoked Chipotle Sauce - made using our own home smoked Jalapeno and Bulgarian Carrot chillies The chillies are picked and cold smoked in hickory for 16-20 hours.  We use a customized fridge to smoke our fresh pods. This is a great...
The Kraken

The Kraken

Improved recipe.  Now made using fresh pineapples and slightly thicker.   A very special sauce as all profits will be donated to our favourite charity... which is of course the utterly magnificient Sea Shepherd. It's a fruity chilli sauce with just a few ingredients. Great as a salad dressing...
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