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Dried Chillies
All the chillies in the dried packs are grown here on the farm and then dried using our dehydrator.

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Chilli Flakes Details

Chilli Flakes

Crushed red chilli flakes.     Mixture of all our chillies from 2011 season.  Dried and flaked.   Medium heat. Heat Rating : MEDIUM Weight  : 35g tin. Use in your cooking.  Sprinkle over pizzas or add a teaspoon to a chilli con carne for extra heat. ...
Chipotles 25g bag

Chipotles 25g bag

A Chipotle is a smoked and dried Jalapeno. It is perfect for Mexican cuisine or making barbecue seasoning. 1 bag Dried pods, 25g, Approx 10 pods Heat Rating : Medium
Dried Habaneros Details

Dried Habaneros

A Bag of dried Habanero Chillies. Brilliant for grinding up over a pizza to add a great chilli kick!   Heat Rating : Hot Weight : 15g
Dried Nagas

Dried Nagas

A pack of dried Naga chillies.   Grown on Dartmoor Chilli Farm. A mixture of Bhut Jolokia and Dorset Naga pods. Use with caution. These chillies are incredibly hot!  Always wear gloves when handling.
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