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Seaweed feed, 100ml


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Organic Growth Enhancer (Seaweed feed), 100ml

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As used by Dartmoor Chilli Farm

Packed with a wide array of growth hormones, amino acids and beneficial carbohydrates, Ascophyllum Nodosum ("knotted wrack") - a seaweed native to the North Atlantic - is one of the most powerful and versatile organic plant fertilizers and conditioners on the planet. Indeed, its highly nutritious character has made it a staple of British coastal agriculture for hundreds of years.

Now Shropshire Seaweed Growth Enhancer is bringing this traditional natural resource to gardeners up and down the country. Our liquid seaweed extract delivers outstanding results in terms of increased flower and fruit yields and stronger, healthier plants and lawns; and because it is free of chemical supplements and preservatives, it remains true to the organic heritage of British seaweed cultivation.

Accelerates growth
Betaines and cytokinins, the biologically active compounds within the Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed, act like all-natural 'plant steroids', helping to increase the size and yields of plants. As a result, regular application encourages the production of juicier fruits, larger flowers and fuller shrubs. It also helps to accelerate the growth of grass.

Completely versatile
Our seaweed fertilizer's biggest advantage is its versatility. Traditionally used in the growth of vegetables (Jersey potatoes have always been grown in seaweed), Ascophyllum Nodosum has since become prominent amongst groundsmen, horticulturalists and allotmenteers to name just a few. Its ability to promote growth and improve health in all plants makes it a must-have, cost-effective addition to every grower's toolkit.

Shropshire Seaweed Growth Enhancer is an incredibly versatile liquid seaweed fertilizer; and because it is also highly concentrated, you will find that one bottle will go an awful long way. In fact, by mixing just 10ml (one capful) of Shropshire Seaweed with 5 litres of water (one watering can) you will produce a powerful plant food that can be used every 7 to 14 days on your flowers, vegetables and lawn alike.

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Shropshire Seaweed Aids Prize Winning Chilli

One Shropshire Seaweed customer has recently won a unique growing challenge. Torbjorn Hogberg, of Lund, Sweden, grew a Dorset Naga plant which sprouted an incredible 2,256 chillies in a single year. His plant was enough to win him the growing challenge, which was organised by the English company Sea Spring Seeds.

Torbjorn is a chilli fanatic and long-time Shropshire Seaweed user. He operates the growers' website and shop Jalapeno.nu in his native Sweden. He has kindly created a walkthrough guide to growing chillies, which is essential reading for anyone interested in these plants.

More information on the Shropshire Seaweed can be found in their user guide here : 

At the Dartmoor Chilli Farm, we use the Shropshire Organic Growth Enhancer on our chilli plants and in our hydroponic systems.

Some pictures from our tunnels showing healthy plants :

We also dilute the feed into the reservoirs for use with our hydroponic systems

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