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Social Media

Social Media

Our website is our main marketing tool where you can find out what products we supply, which chillies we grow etc.   We hope you find it useful especially the Projects Page which is a ever growing list of tips, recipes and guides.  
We also are in the process of updating the site with over 500 new photographs which will happen in the next few weeks - as we have the worlds slowest internet connection!

We also have a presence on several social media sites.

On Twitter, we are registered under @dartmoorchilli

This is our live feed so to speak, so you can following updates at the nursery. Unlike other businesses, you can see we are real people as we continue our battle against the slugs, weather and suchlike!     

This is also the place to find any special offers, competitions and details of events before they go on the website.

On Facebook, we have two groups.  We also have a new page here : 

New page


Groups :

Dartmoor Chilli Farm
- this is our main presence on the site and has a rolling list of news, events we are attending and also new product reviews etc.

Visit this group here : 

We have also set up a new group - Ornamental Chilli Growing.

See : 

We are primarily growers and ornamentals are our real passion.  

Most ornamentals are also edible aswell so they are worth growing for multiple reasons.    
On this group we mainly have photographs of our plants in different stages of growth.  We also have links to other chilli growers (both personal and professional) and we would encourage readers to post their own chilli photos and share experiences.

Phil has his own facebook account - this feed is not strictly business related and there is alot more humour and general gubbins on his feed.