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Chilli & Herb Salt Details

Chilli & Herb Salt

Chilli & Herb Sea Salt Heat Rating : MILD Weight : 100g Now in chunky glass bottles! Use this to add amazing flavours to your cooking.     For the chillies, we use a mixture of Cayenne, Cherry Bomb and Jalapeno chillies for a good heat but not overpowering.  The herbs are a mixture...
Chilli Grow

Chilli Grow

Chilligrow   "The chilli revolution that will take your stress away." Grow Your Own Magazine Each of the plants in the Chilligrow will produce on average 2x more chillies than those in a normal pot. This super growth is thanks to the way the Chilligrow releases water to...
Chilli Growing Kit  Extreme Details

Chilli Growing Kit Extreme

Chilli Growing Kit Extreme Dartmoor Chilli Farm - Chilli Growing Kit - EXTREME Everything you need to get started growing chillies for yourselves.   We have been constantly asked for this product and here it is. The only difference between our kit and some of the others is the lack of  fancy...
Dartmoor Dragon

Dartmoor Dragon

The Hottest Sauce in our range.    Limited to 500 bottles. Heat : Extreme Weight : 100ml bottle Use : Dipping or cooking sauce Chillies used : Dorset Naga 28% + 6.4 million extract.  Over 2 nagas per bottle! This sauce is a new venture for us.  It should have been...
Hot Book of Chillies, David Floyd, BOOK Details

Hot Book of Chillies, David Floyd, BOOK

Those who love their food hot and spicy will enjoy The Hot Book of Chillies. An essential companion to enjoying chillies, the book not only covers the history and biology of the food but also showcases the nutritional and medicinal value, as well as revealing just how the heat of a chilli is measured....
Preserve Pack

Preserve Pack

Supplied in Jute gift pack A collection of our three preserves including : * Sweet Chilli   Chutney - made using our own chillies. Perfect with cheese  (Mild Heat) * Chilli Jam     - Home grown chillies make this an all time classic (Mild).  * Fiery Apple Chilli...
Quad Grow Details

Quad Grow

Quadgrow with integral 30litre reservoir "The answer to most gardeners' prayers" Garden Answers Magazine This is our best seller. The Quadgrow holiday-proofs plants, keeping them perfectly watered for up to 7 days at a time and it produces much bigger harvests than pots...
Sweet Chilli Chutney

Sweet Chilli Chutney

SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS  Made using fresh Jalapeno, Cayenne and Cherry Bomb chillies from the farm. This is a our standard chilli chutney which is great for all dishes - especially with cheese!   Weight : 205g Heat Rating : MILD Ingredients : Peppers, Apples, Sugar,...
The Kraken Details

The Kraken

Improved recipe.  Now made using fresh pineapples and slightly thicker.   A very special sauce as all profits will be donated to our favourite charity... which is of course the utterly magnificient Sea Shepherd. It's a fruity chilli sauce with just a few ingredients. Great as a salad dressing...
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