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25th February

Until 1st March 15


3rd February

Chilli Chocolate back in stock.  Coffee, plain, milk, orange and lime.   We've got a limited number of Dartmoor Demon in stock and Dartmoor Devil also.


31st January 

Germination has begun for 2015 season.   We use Vitapods from Greenhouse Sensation which are the best propagators in our opinion and used by lots of other growers including Upton Cheyney, Wiltshire Chilli Farm and Matt Simpson. 

We germinate in 3 rounds with each cycle having about 3000 seedlings.  We start with the hotter varieties first as they take longer to germinate and grow to a podding size.    In the pictures we have Bonnets, Habaneros and Nagas.

A full grow list for 2015 will be available soon.


22nd January


We are beginning the odious task of clearing the tunnels and composting last years chilli plants.  We would love to overwinter them but our tunnels are not heated and are very susceptible to the english winter!  One tunnel down, 4 more to go. It's not a fun job.  The old plants have be pulled up and composted. Then the mipex comes up before rotovating and adding rotted manure.  Finally the mipex and underground feeders go back in, ready for the plants to go into the ground around May.

We are working on a grow list for 2015.  More information soon!


15th January

Chilli Grow and Quad Grow hydroponic systems have arrived from Greenhouse Sensation and are available in store.  These are brilliant bits of kit. We use them to grow large specimen plants for chilli shows - when we want a stunning looking plant to decorate our table.  Quadgrows are also used by our pals at the Upton Cheyney chilli farm and Matt Simpson from Simpson Seeds. 

We have also teamed up with Premier seeds to offer a range of chilli seeds from just £1.25 per packet which we think is very competitive.


1st January

It's the end of another season.  We've had a super crop this year.  We had lots of new varieties this season and with the exception of one variety, we have had a bumper crop... especially Red Moruga Scorpion chillies of which we picked around 40kg in total.

In 2015, we'll be using all 5 polytunnels solely for chillies.   Our tomatoes will be going outside under cloches.  Sweet Peppers, we won't be growing this year. Too many got decimated by slugs and snails!

Our plans for 2015 will be to get back to our core market which is chilli plants.  We should have chilli plants available in the shop from around the 1st week of March.


25th November 2014

Please note, we are NO longer on Facebook.  We were sick of the constant adverts and people trying to sell us things.   All future updates and special offers will be announced here on the website and on Twitter (our twitter id is



20th November

Chill Seeds now available.

Click here for more info 


14th November

We now ship to USA, Canada and Mainland Europe.  Use the shipping estimator or see the Delivery Info page.


13th November

Offer applies on this website, in the shop and on the Pepper Pod website here.


27th October

We were at the Big Food Show in Exeter this weekend.  
The Hairy Bikers used our chipotle chillies in their food demonstration to a packed audience.    Our fresh chillies were also used by numerous chefs in their recipes throughout the weekend.


22nd October

New article on projects page...

Chilli Bean Dip

A great warming recipe. Serve with tortillas or pitta bread. 
Perfect for cold autumnal evenings!


20th October

Bonus event for this weekend.  
Phil will be at The Big Food Show at Westpoint, Exeter
(24-26th October)

Click link for more information.


2nd October

We have lots of fresh chillies available in the shop - usually picked the same day at the chilli farm.

Our shop is The Pepper Pod on Fore Street. A specialist chilli shop in the heart of Exeter

Fresh chillies anyone?


7 pot Jonah
7 pot Jonah


These include ...


  • Dorset Naga
  • Bhut Jolokia chocolate
  • Habanero 7 Pot Yellow
  • Bengle Naga
  • Red Maruga
  • Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
  • Scotch Bonnet Yellow
  • Habanero Mustard
  • Habanero Yellow
  • Habanero Orange
  • Habanero Fruit Burst
  • 7 Pot Jonah
  • Habanero Paper Lantern


What are you waiting for?!


No other shop in Devon offers this choice of chillies :)


26th September

Free chilli seeds (Bhut Jolokia) with every web order over £10.00


24th September

Scorpion Sting now available online.

Also we are making a couple of Pure chilli sauces using fresh pods from the tunnels.  First off... Habanero Paper Lantern sauce and then in a couple of weeks, we will have a special Aji Lemon sauce as the pods ripen.

Paper Lanterns - picked in the tunnels today 


17th September

Pictures from the tunnels... we are picking lots of superhots!

Red Moruga Scorpion  

All mature pods picked and made into a Limited Edition sauce called Scorpion Sting.. available exclusively at the shop in Exeter.

Habanero 7 Pot

Bengal Naga

Habanero Paper Lantern

Aji Lemon

8th September

Lime chilli chocolate back in stock.


27th August

Now picking fresh chillies.

The remaining shipment to Chilli Club Members will be going out next Monday.


11th August

FREE PLANTS DAY in our shop this coming Saturday (16th)

The Pepper Pod is Exeter's exclusive chilli shop - offering lots of chilli products from all round the UK.

The shop is based in McCoys Arcade on Fore Street and is open from Tuesday to Saturdays.


27th July

Chilli Fudge is back in stock.

Picking fresh pods!

These will be available in the shop from tuesday onwards


2nd July

Our shop is now open!

The Pepper Pod is based in McCoys Arcade on Fore Street in Exeter.   (right opposite the World Famous Mansons Guitars)

Full of all sorts of chilli products - hot sauces, chilli chocolate, chilli fudge, chilli chutneys and jams, plants, seeds and much more!

Our opening hours are  Tuesday to Saturday 10.30am to 4.30pm


16th June

Less than 3 weeks until we open our shop!!   Exciting!!

We have a limited number mail order plants now available in the Extreme Varieties.  These will be shipping in 9cm pots so they are larger than our other plants.

11th June

One new product...  Lemon Thyme Infused Cold Pressed Chilli Oil
and one reintroduced!  Hot Strawberry Jam now back in stock! 

28th May

Sorry for the lack of updates.   We've had lots of shows recently and have also started planting up in the polytunnels.  As well as chillies, we hope to also grow all the tomatoes this year which we use in lots of our sauces.

The shop in Exeter is progressing well. Now the main shows have finished for now, we will be concentrating on kitting it out.    The shop units are now mostly in and we are working on what exactly to supply!   We will be concentrating on UK chilli producers rather than imported sauces.
The website for the shop is

11th May


Thanks to all the amazing customers, stallholders, speakers, helpers and cooks at the Devon Chilli Fiesta this weekend.
As a first event we thought it was very busy despite the weather trying its best to ruin the weekend!   
We've uploaded pictures to the facebook page here :

Open days...
We have had to remove the open days from the website. After speaking with several planning experts these are going to cause "issues" with the national park.  Our temporary permission to live on our land expires in October this year and having open days could cause even more planning problems with an authority who has been anti-everything we have done so far.  
All open day tickets will be refunded in full and we will donate the money that the tickets had cost to the SeaShepherd organisation.
In July we will be opening our new shop in Exeter.   We will have our complete range of products available in the shop plus plants, seeds, fresh pods (when in season) etc.   We will be stocking products from other chilli producers such as Bims Kitchen, Wiltshire Chilli Farm, Grim Reaper and Cambridge Chilli Sauce Co to name but a few.
We hope people that have booked an open day, will come to the shop instead. 


Phil and Kay

8th May


We will be opening a brand new specialist chilli shop in Exeter called "The Pepper Pod" in July 2014.
The location of the store is in McCoys Arcade on Fore Street right opposite Mansons Guitars.
We will be offering all things chilli from chilli sauces, chilli chocolate, chilli preserves, chilli fudge, chilli books, chilli pottery, chilli plants, chilli seeds and much more.
We will be offering a range of chilli products from a variety of amazing UK producers!

More information soon!

7th May

Hope you all like the label for our new charity sauce... we are launching it at the Devon Chilli Fiesta this weekend.

All profits to Sea Shepherd.


1st May

Lots of new events and shows added to our events page.

Don't forget the 1st DEVON CHILLI FIESTA is at Rhs Rosemoor, nr Torrington on the 10th and 11th of May.    

We will be taking all our super hot chillies including Naga Morich, Bedford Super Naga, Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, Red Morouga, Habanero 7 Pot Jonah and of course... Carolina Reapers.

15th April

Couple of pics from the chilli farm...

We grow all our plants from seed.  Here's some young plants in our main tunnel.   The wooden struts hold bubblewrap which we bring down over the sides at night in case the temperature drops too much

Round 2 of Germination in the nursery tunnel

Carolina Reapers... this will be ready in time for our Open days and for the Devon Chilli Fiesta in May.

It's not all chillies.  We are growing softfruits and lots of rhubarb this year

13th April

We are now shipping all plant packs.
Added lots of new varieties to the custom pack

9th April

Chilli Club main goodies have now shipped.  We are gradually shipping back orders for plants starting with the Culinary Packs.

The super hots aren't ready yet - looking at the end of April still on these.

New pack... 

Super6.  Contains 6 great tasting chillies and free liquid plant feed. Ready NOW

Some of our chilli seedlings :   As of April 2014

1st April


- Is the Worlds Largest Chilli grown on Dartmoor???

More information here on this astonishing variety


27th March

We woke up to this..   Snow on Dartmoor.  It's nearly April!

17th March

3 New flavours of chilli chocolate which we will be releasing at the Exeter Food & Drink festival in April

We've been shortlisted for the South Devon Excellence Awards for 2014.

14th March

Great review of our Dartmoor Demon  from the great Ted Barrus (aka Firebreathing Idiot) over in the USA.

Whilst I'm talking ... we now have International Shipping on the website.

13th March

Some pictures from the tunnels..

Carolina Reapers in Vitapods

Chilles in Vitapods

11th March

3 New flavours of Special Edition chilli chocolates coming soon... to be released at the Exeter Food and Drink Festival in April.
Honeycomb, Toffee and Salted Peanut.  The latter is our favourite!

7th March

Nice review on the Chillifiends website of our Dartmoor Devil and Demon Naga chocolate bars.

1st March

Special competition on the Chillifiends website.     Win a chilli gift pack!

26th February

Cardsave Secure payments now integrated.

Also we have a new custom pack for chilli varieties.

21st February

We are beta testing Cardsave payments on the website.  We should have this facility for online payments up and running by the end of the month.  In the meantime we accept credit debit cards by Paypal or directly over the phone.

17th February

New post on projects page...

Herb & Lemon Chilli Vinegar

A very versatile fresh tasting vinegar, great for livening up a ploughmans.  
The chilli gives a little twist!

Herb chilli lemon vinegar

10th February

Potting on lots of chillies


9th February

Ugly looking rip down the side of our main tunnel this morning.   This constant wind and rain is causing numerous problems.  Yesterday our propagation polytunnel filled up with about 6 inches of water. Not a good combination with the electric propagators!

Tunnel rip

We've patched it as best we can. Not a great time to run out of tunnel tape!


6th February

Chilli Wordsearch competition...

Win a chilli club membership or chilli chocolate.

Chilli Club membership


5th February

We can now accept credit/debit card payments over the phone and at events thanks to Cardsave.

We also have a new landline number is you would like to call us or order.

Our telephone number is 01364 712095.


Card choices



27th January

Hundreds of chillies in the propagators.  Even the Reapers are coming up.  We are currently putting them outside during the day (in the tunnels) for maximum light. In the evenings, they all have to come back inside as way too cold, even if trays are fleeced/wrapped.
Whilst the weather has been rotten outside, we have been improving the website. Lots of new product pictures. We hope you like the changes. We still have salts and spices to do. 

23rd January

Please note, we have removed Royal Mail from the delivery option due to several problems recently.  All orders will now ship by courier.

19th January
Following the horrific news from the annual Dolphin and whale slaughter at Taiji in Japan, we have decided to support the magnificent Sea Shepherd in 2014 as our chosen charity.
We will have collecting tins on our stall + info about the organisation.  We will hope to raise £1000 if we can this season. 
There are simply some things are more important than chillies.

13th JanuaryBrushetta recipe

New post on projects page
Brushetta with tomato, red onion, chilli & basil salsa

6th January

Video reviews of the Dartmoor Demon are starting to appear.  
Here's a couple... review of our choc starts from around 4 minutes in.

Two new stockists...

Gays Creamery, Dawlish
Quickes Farm Shop, Newton St Cyres 
More information on the stockists page.

2nd January

Plant packs now on website.
These wont be ready for quite some time. However we will only have limited stocks of some packs.

31st December  

Happy New Year!!!

We've been working on our grow list for 2014.

Lots of favourites and some exciting new varieties.

Black Hungarian
Bulgarian Carrot
Little Elf
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb Chocolate **NEW
Chilli Chilli 
Jalapeno Orange
Serenade **NEW

Fairy Lights
Super Chilli 
Jalapeno Early
Cayenne Thick
Aji Red Lemon **NEW
Nepalese Snakebite **NEW

Bangalore Torpedo 
Jamaican Red
Jamaican Yellow
Jamaican Jerk **NEW
Numex Twilight
Aji Lemon
Ring of Fire
Thai Hot
Devils Tongue

Habanero Paper Lantern
Habanero Orange
Habanero Fatali
Habanero Fruitburst **NEW
Habanero Red Savina **NEW
Habanero Paper Lantern
Habanero Chocolate
Habanero 7 Pot
Naga Jolokia PC1
Bhut Jolokia Orange **NEW
Dorset Naga
Bengal Naga
Carolina Reaper **NEW

27th December

Still picking chillies!
Aji Lemons  (We use them in the Chilli Marmalade)
Aji Lemons

Bengle Nagas  (We use them in the Dynamite and Beast sauces)Bengle Nagas
12th December

Dartmoor Devil Superhot Edition and Dartmoor Demon now available.

devil and demon bars

The hottest natural chilli chocolate in the UK?? We think so..
A new blend of chillies and these pack one hell of a punch!  (Dark & White chocolate)

6th December

​New header image on the website... we will be changing it every week to promote Dartmoor. The place we live and love!
Combestone Tor is the one we use on our logo and all our products. The picture shows the view to the west. It is a pretty barren and formidable landsape. 
It is a really easy to get to and situated near to the village of Holne on the South West tip of Dartmoor. Go a little further on and you get to Vennford Reservoir. A great place for walking the dogs!
It is also popular with letterboxers and rock climbers as well as picnickers not to mention the Dartmoor ponies and a heard of cattle that graze the pasture below the tor.

The tor and area around it were featured in the Hollywood movie Warhorse.

28th November

A little guide about overwintering your chilli plants.

The tor and area around it were featured in the Hollywood movie Warhorse.

Worth doing now before this happens!
snow at the chilli farm!

See our overwintering guide here :

27th November

New post on Projects page...

Spiced Cranberry Sauce
It's that time of year so here's a nice seasonal recipe with a chilli twist.  Don't make it too hot or you will overpower the rest of the ingredients.   Works well with turkey or chicken but we use it to make cranberry brownies!

Cranberry chilli brownies

19th November

There is a new "Worlds Hottest Chilli"
Ed Currie from the Puckerbutt Pepper Company has been awarded the Guiness World 
Record for the Worlds hottest chilli.
The variety is the CAROLINA REAPER and overtakes the previous record holder, the Trinidad Scorpion.
The Scoville rating on the reaper is 1,569,300 units.
To get this into context, the humble Jalapeno measures around 4000 scoville units.


Carolina Reaper


18th November

Stop Press...
We are one of Theo Paphitis SBS winners on Twitter this week.  More information soon. It's very exciting... We have also hit the 6000 follower barrier which is amazing.  Thankyou to each and every one of our followers!

We are working on a couple of new lines.  Firstly our Orange & Lemon chilli marmalade should be back in the next week or so.  People just kept asking for it!  (which is nice to know).  The chilli we use is Aji Lemon.   Freshly picked here at the farm.

Chilli Fudge is back in stock and we have a limited run of Chilli Chocolate fudge (we will see how they go).  I will have to hide it to stop you-know-who from eating it all :)

Phil has picked all the remaining Nagas.  We ended up with over 80kg this year which is a record crop and that's just one variety.  We are modifying Dartmoor Dragon and the new recipe will be 40% chilli.   We are using Bengle Naga and Dorset Nagas in this sauce.

We are also working with a new chocolatier on an even hotter chilli chocolate.   It's going to be a Dark Chocolate with 4% Naga. Trust us on this... there is no hotter natural chocolate.   As for a name, we haven't yet decided.   Suggestions more than welcome!


14th November

New stockist

The ‘Real’ Red Ruby Farm Shop,
Red Ruby
Clannaborough Barton
Crediton Devon
EX17 6DA.
Tel 01363 84777   

Having a major clearup in our tunnels. Removing old plants and preparing those which we want to overwinter. 1 tunnel down, 4 to go. Groan!    We've made a large internal tent for the plants we want to keep.   Whether we need to heat it or not with some plant pot candle heaters, remains to be seen. It depends how cold it gets!

The jungle  in the pot plant tunnel - all dying off now as end of season.

clear up begins

Selecting which plants to overwinter and giving each a good prune!


Constructing an inner tend (unheated at the moment) to protect overwintered plants
from frost.

inner tent

Plants in their new home.   We have 3 more tunnels to clear!

Ready for winter

10th November

Still picking... this time  Aji Lemon, Jalapeno, Bengal Naga, Dorset Naga, Ring of Fire

Todays haul

6th November

Picking Bengal Nagas this week

Bengal Naga chillies

Cross section of Bengal Naga pod

 Bengal Naga cross section

4th November

Smoking chillies this week.    Jamaican Red pods for our Smokey Onion Chutney and Jalapenos for our Hickory Smoked Chipotle Sauce.

Smoking Jamaican red chillies with our converted fridge smoker unit

24th October

Picking chillies today!

Picking the crop

A few Nagas!   We've still got about two thirds of the crop to pick (still a little green)

Dorset Nagas

23rd October

New recipe on Projects page
Hot Chilli Salsa

Hot Chilli Salsa

21st October

Free seed growing kit with all weborders!
(whilst stocks last)

free seed kit

20th October

Fresh Naga Packs now available (limited stocks only)

Fresh naga's pack

Also back in stock
* Cider & Jalapeno Chutney
* Naga Oil

10th October

Picking picking picking...

fresh Naga's ready to go into the Beast sauce

We are currently picking lots of Dorset Nagas and making sauces for the xmas market.

3rd October 

Ok, so it's not the 3rd yet. It will be tomorrow. Thanks for the patience of our customers. A week off and we are feeling ready for action again. Loads of chillies ripening in the tunnels!
All backorders placed in the last week will be going out on thursday.    


19th September chilli vinegar

New post on projects page..

Garlic, Chilli & Red Wine Vinegar (recipe)


14th September

Great Taste Award

Has been award to our Orange Chilli Chocolate



13th September

Dartmoor Dragon back in stock.  Made with pineapples, mangoes and apples and combined with freshly picked Bengal Naga chillies, Habanero Paper Lantern and Naga Jolokia pc1 pods... and a dash of 6.4 million chilli extract!

Also delivery pricing rejigged with a new up to 500g band.



9th September

New post on projects page..

Growing in harmony with Nature   (transcript of Phils talk at the recent Upton Cheyney chilli festival)



30th August

A couple of updates from the tunnels. 

We are picking chillies now - just picked and posted a couple of kilos to the cheese maker ( However most of our crop won't be picked until the end of September, depending on the weather.

Dorset Naga's 

Nagas growing in polytunnel

Bengal Nagas

Bengal Naga

29th August

***Cockup alert***Cockup Alert***Cockup Alert***Cockup alert***Cockup Alert***

If anyone has purchased some sweet chilli sauce from us at a Chilli event or market recently and the expiry date says 31-JULY-2013, it is incorrect.  It should read 31-JULY-2014.   This affects a batch of 60 bottles (batch no scs010) and we have found 47 of them so there are 13 in the ethos with the wrong expiry date.   
This fault lies completely with Phil who printed the labels out incorrectly.  As a result, he has been banned from the chilli fudge for a month!

12th August

Another chilli festival completed. This time it was the mighty West Dean nr Chichester.
We had a super weekend, so big thanks to all our visitors and customers.  Our Blackcurrant sauce went down a storm.  
Today it is back to the grind!  We have lots of chillies to weed and general maintenance work around the nursery to keep on top of the brambles.

Site update : Please note, we have decided to scrap overseas shipments.  We send very few anyway and tend to end up paying alot more than expected on the delivery costs. Our products are weighed here but we do not factor in boxes and packaging, so sometimes the post charges are more than the value of the order! 

5th August

​Back from an epic weekend at the Dorset Chilli Festival. The sun came out and people came out in their droves - making it one of our best events ever.     The only downside is we now need to make more Blackcurrant sauce as it has practically all gone!   Next weekend we have the mighty WESTDEAN CHILLI FIESTA near Chichester.

Bit of important gubbins regarding our payment options
Due to the rising fees, we are discontinuing credit card payments through the credit card online merchant from the 31st August. 
Paying £600 odd quid a year just to have the ability to take credit card payments is more than we can reasonably afford.

Our products are the same price they were last year. It seems our prices are the only things that don't go up!

Instead we will just be using Paypal which is just as good and alot easier to manage.  This still has the ability to accept debit and credit card payments on a secure site.

1st August

Two new products...

Dartmoor Dragon Mk2 - The hottest product in our range

Blackcurrant Chilli Sauce - Now back for 2013.  We have been picking blackcurrants at the nursery!

We have been doing lots of shows recently so sorry for the lack of updates.
Yesterday we were at Yealmpton Show near Plymouth and won this !!

Yealmpton show


20th July

Lots of events at the moment so we have been pretty busy out and about.   Hopefully the weather will hold for a few more days.  Lots of agricultural shows that were cancelled last year due to the terrible wet weather, are coming up at the end of July. Let us hope for better weather this year!

We also have some new curry spices for Korma, Tikka Massala, Rogan Josh, Tandoori, Balta, Biriyani, Garam Massala and Vindaloo.

Blackcurrant chilli sauce is also being made again this week. Hopefully should be ready in time for Dorset Chilli Festival at the start of August.


10th July

A little review of our Dartmoor Devil chocolate which we spotted online..



9th July

Couple of new pictures from the chilli farm of some of our plants ..  (taken today)

Purple prince hybrid




8th July

​Back from Chilli Festival North East and what an event. Good to see so many chilli enthusiasts in one place. We love the North East anyway so although it is 450 odd miles each way, we will continue to attend this festival in future. The people are so friendly aswell.

​The winner of our competition for the signed Alan Shearer Newcastle Shirt was Tony Beck from North Shields.

As far as new products, we have a new sauce called Dartmoor Dragon which now sits at the top of the heat scale in our range.  Dartmoor dragon

Sweet Chilli sauce is soon to be discontinued and replaced with a new Tangy Tomato chilli ketchup. The remaining bottles of Sweet sauce are now on final clearance.  It is a good product and it won a Taste of the west award but it needs updating.   We keep getting asked for a ketchup, so this is the ideal time to make one.  It will be provided in the larger 250ml bottles.

For customers still wanting a sweet sauce, we would recommend our Hot Peach Sauce which is one of our best sellers.




28th June

First chillies of the season starting to appear ...
First chillies of the season

New post on projects page - Chilli Toasties!
 An ever popular snack at the nursery and so simple to make, these toasties are crunchy with a spicy flavour.   It is sort of a home made modified cheese on toast crossed with an omelette!  So simple to make, even Phil can do them.

Chilli Toasties


26th June

Gearing up for the mighty Chilli Fest North East with some new flavoured oils.   We have a Lemon, Thyme & Chilli Oil which should be ready in time.

We have also been making some diy bodge-it Hydroponic systems at a fraction of the cost of retail ones. 
See here :

We estimate the cost around £7.50 per unit (holds 2 plants)

The plants in our tunnels which are sitting on these units are a darn sight bigger than the ones in the ground!



12th June

New stockist alert : 

Occombe Farm Shop,
Preston Down Road,
Telephone: 01803 520022

Preparations for the Devon Chilli Fiesta are coming along nicely. We now have 10 chilli businesses from up and down the country who wish to exhibit.  More information on the website below

Devon Chilli Fiesta

6th June

Sorry for lack of updates. We have been busy planting up all the polytunnels.  This year, we are concentrating on growing the varieties we use in our sauces and preserves.  We have rows of Dorset Naga, Bengal Naga (New variety), Aji Lemon, Habanero Orange, Jalapeno, Jalapeno Orange (New Variety), Ring of Fire, Cayenne, Naga Jolokia, Bhut Jolokia.   
In our compact tunnel we have Superchilli and Apache.   We are also experimenting with some home made hydroponics.  We are growing samples of the above plants in a water-based system to see how they compare to those chillies grown in the ground.   

We have also purchased some tomato plants from a garden centre and they have aphids which is a pity.  We have to isolate them away from our chillies. However this is a good experiment for us to see how natural remedies work against greenfly.   We will be using rhubarb leaves to start followed by garlic. We will post the results online as soon as we know which natural remedy works best.

June 1st

Added Overseas postage prices to website for European customers, USA/Australia/Canada/NZ and for BFPO Worldwide. 

28th May

New Rosemary & Chilli Oil now available.  We've been infusing this oil for 6 weeks. Perfect for drizzling over pasta dishes, salads and pizza.
See more here :

Rosemary Chilli Oil

Any fellow Newcastle United Fans?  
We will be running a very special competition for the North East Chilli Festival.    
Win a framed Newcastle United Shirt, signed by NUFC legend Alan Shearer.
Hopefully the car won't break down this year and we can visit St James's Park!

Shearer signed Newcastle Shirt



23rd May

Paper Lantern sauce

New sauce - Habanero Paper Lantern Limited Edition, 48 bottles only.

Made with our entire crop of 2012 chillies, so limited to 48 numbered bottles.

20th May

Dartmoor Devil - superhot white chocolate has been given a revamp.   We hope you like the new branding!!

Dartmoor Devil



14th May

We didn't win but it was great to be runners up.  Another one for our collection. 
We won't change our environmental ethos for anything!

Exeter Awards


9th MayPiri Piri Oil

​New Rapeseed Oils now available - Piri Piri, Basil, Garlic.
New Seed Growing Kit now available - only £3.50



6th May

Now all backorders have been sent, we have decided to stop offering mail order plants.
 Our prices this season are actually cheaper than in 2007-2012 at £1.50 per plant, but everything else has dramatically risen in price, especially the cost of delivery, blisterpacks, packaging and paypal/cc fees.
Unfortunately this makes mail order plants uneconomical as we barely break even.

We will still be offering plants in numerous varieties at the markets and events we attend.

We recommend Kernow Chillies, Simpson Seeds and for customers looking for mail order plants

3rd May 

We've been up to RHS Rosemoor today and confirmed the date / location for the 1st Devon Chilli Fiesta.  Hopefully the first of many!
We've added lots of pictures to our Facebook page here :  (See RHS Album 48 pics)  

Devon Chilli Fiesta

The Devon Chilli Fiesta will be held at Rosemoor Gardens on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th May 2014.

Rosemoor is a amazing place with lots of individual acclaimed gardens and thousands of plants.
It features an all - weather marquee for the chilli festival, proper parking and loads to do.

We aim to also have chilli talks and demonstrations, cookery demos, chilli sauce competitions, samga dancing and music, childrens entertainment... and loads more.

The cost will be just the entrance to RHS Rosemoor with NO additional charges. So if you are an RHS Member, it will be free to get in.

There will be a dedicated website in the next few months.   We aim to have about 35 chilli companies from around the UK. So far we have had substantial interest across the board!

We have been looking for a while for the perfect venue for a chilli festival.
With RHS Rosemoor, we think we have found it.

All weather marquee at RHS Rosemoor
   RHS Rosemoor

RHS Rosemoor


2nd May

No orders out today as we had an event in Plymouth. The remainder of backorders for plants are going out next Tuesday and Wednesday (Monday is bank holiday).

We have introduced a flat delivery rate of £4.95 to UK customers.


Tomorrow we are off to RHS Rosemoor to discuss plans for our chilli festival next year.


1st May

Another 50 orders out today. That's all we can ship this week - as we don't want our little plants sitting dying in sorting offices all weekend. Remainder of plant orders will go on tue/wed next week.



30th April

Posting out Fire & Spice 6 Packs today

Custom packs and 3 plant packs will go out soon. There is a limit to how many we can get out per day as packing, boxing and sorting out invoices/labels all takes time. Especially as there are just 2 of us now.


29th April

Plants are now shipping depending on variety.
First to ship are Culinary 6 pack, Tried and Trusted 6 pack and Chilli Club plants.

24th April

We have a big new stockist in Totnes.  Annies Fruit Shop are supplying lots of our range including most of our sauces, chilli chocolate, chilli plants and a selection of our salts.
They specialise in local foods and fresh fruit and vegetables. 
Annies Fruit Shop
Plants are getting there!  We estimate we will start sending backorders from the 29th April - depending on variety. Some of the hot packs may take a week or so longer.    All orders will ship by courier.
Massive show for us this weekend.. We have the Exeter food and drink festival on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
Lots of new products including our new selection of oils and chilli spices.

Exeter food festival



15th April

​Our sauces and oils have all been rebranded with new labels.   We think it makes the products more professional looking and our stockists have given very positive feedback. The next product to get a make over will be the Dartmoor Devil.

Due to poor weather (ie no spring!) we have made a decision to delay sending our chilli plants until at least the end of April. If this is a problem for customers, we will of course offer a full refund.   Last March, the weather was lovely but in 2013, the average daily temperature was 4 degrees which is not conducive to growth of chilli plants.

This will be the last year we will be offering mail order plants. The huge increase in Postal costs has effectively killed off any profit.  It used to cost £4.85 to send a box. The same box now costs £8.00. Thanks Royal Mail!   Our plants were £10 including free delivery, but if delivery costs are now going to be £8.00, it is simply not worth doing them.  We will honour all orders placed so far, but we have removed the ability to place orders online for plants until we work out what we are going to do.  Collect+ is an option but it is not a next day service and therefore not much use for plant orders.

We are looking at APC Couriers and will have an update on this in the next week or so.  At this moment in time, it looks like we will be using APC for everything but we are just finalising quantities.

We have a new stockist in Merrivale.... Merrivale Stores. We will post information + photos about them as soon as we have received them.
We also have a new stockist in Newton Abbot and another in Wigan. More details on all 3 in the next day or so.

2nd April

New postage rules due to Royal Mail price increase. We have decided to ditch Royal Mail and post pretty much all orders by courier. 

31st March

Website is back running again! Phew.

30th March

There is a problem with the website in the fact that products are not displaying. We are aware of it and have contacted the cart provider. Hopefully this should be resolved soon. Typically it has happened today just at the start of the Easter holiday!!   


24th March

Nice review of our Dartmoor Devil from the Clifton Chilli Club

17th March

Special feature for our good friend Alex Duck from Upton Cheyney chilli farm, who is cycling from Lands End to John O Groats in June, raising money for CLIC Sargent.  Please help if you can!

15th March

New post on Projects page
Spicy Plum & Cherry relish (recipe)

plums and cherries

9th March

A Chilli Cheese is now available from Curworthy Cheese which uses our own fresh Ring of Fire Chillies.

Chilli cheese
Curworthy are proper cheesemakers.  Curworthy cheese
Please visit their website below for more information.
Stockbeare Farm, Jacobstowe, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 3PZ,
Tel: 01837 810587

7th March
​New post on Projects page.   Introducing the Chilefoundry site  for independent, non-biased chilli product reviews.

27th February

Another video review. This one is of our Hickory Smoked Chipotle Sauce

We had to remove older posts as the news page was getting huge.  We will now be keeping 1 month of news on the page. 
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