Dartmoor Dynamite


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Dartmoor Dynamite Extreme Sauce, 100ml

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Dartmoor Dynamite Hot Sauce

Our original hot chilli sauce and ever popular with customers.

There are hotter sauces on the market but not many are able to combine taste with heat, we are proud that this one achieves both. No nasty extract and over 20% Naga chillies, this sauce has attitude. The chilli is quicker to kick in than the Beast of Dartmoor and although still tasty we have seen many men with tears in their eyes after tasting this sauce.  For a much hotter sauce - try our Dartmoor Destroyer or Dragon.

It is a pure sauce with no chilli extract. What you are getting is over 20% Naga chillies which will give a good kick but a better flavour. 3 different types of Naga used include Bhut Jolokia, Naga Jolokia PC1 & Dorset Naga.  

Ideally suitable as a cooking sauce  where a small amount goes a long, long way and will leave a lingering increasing heat well after you have swallowed.

It goes spectularly well with cheese on toast and scrambled eggs - not that we are biased or anything!  The oregano and Nagas make a fine combination.   It is also our lowest sugar sauce in our range.

ALL CHILLIES CONTAINED IN THIS SAUCE ARE GROWN HERE AT THE FARM.  (None of this imported chilli malarky!!)

(Ingredients: Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Naga Chillies 22%, Sugar Cider Vinegar, Tomato Juice,  Lemon Juice, Oregano)
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Customer Reviews

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Brilliant value 6 out of 5! 5 product stars
"Amazing sauce from guys at chilli farm. Nice to see home grown nagas rather than imported stuff like another local chilli farm!! Great flavour and brilliant value for money at just 3.00 a pop. Better value than Tabasco and miles hotter. Also love the new labels. Keep up the good work!" Jamie Green - 08/02/2013
Best chilli sauce on the market 5 product stars
"Hi Guys Thought you'd appreciate a little feedback. We got a bottle of this at Cheltenham food fest. It is quite simply the best extreme chilli sauce i've ever tried. It is potently hot with great flavours. I'm using it on everything. Well done! Going to have to try the rest of your range now. Mike" Michael Stone - 23/06/2012
Tastes fantastic 5 product stars
"hi, i had the pleasure of meeting you at your stall in totnes yesterday (saturday) where my frend and i were introduced to your lovel white chocolate and sauces. i bought your "dartmoor dynamite", "devils tor " and some anchos. ive just finished a breakfast of potatoes and eggs in a tortilla, enhanced with a damn good drizzle of your "dartmoor dynamite" and have to say that it tastes fantastic, the flavour of the peppers with the oregano give it a really comforting, "italian-style home cooking" feel and became a quick favourite with my girlfriend. sadly i was unable to test the "devils tor" as im severely allergic to pineapple, my girlfriend found this sauce too hot for her tolerance so was unable to give a review. i shall take the "devils tor" to work where i am attempting to educate my colleagues with regards to the delight of chillies and sauces, through the "open sauce" drawer - a draw of sauces that are "open" for anyone to enjoy - in the "open source" software tradition. please keep growing your peppers and developing your tasty sauces! isaac" Isaac Gossage - 10/02/2013
Beautiful sauce 5 product stars
"One for those who like it hot! A beautifully potent sauce that maintains strong tomato & pepper flavours with an underlying warmth & generous heat from the Bhut Jolokia chillies. Highly addictive if you like your sauces hot as I do - I only wish they made this in larger bottles!" David Kelly - 19/09/2011
Superb.. 5 product stars
"This is probably the best tasting Naga sauce i have tasted to date, but like "David Kelly" mentioned in his review, a larger bottle would be useful as I'm going through a bottle a week..." Marc Downey - 04/02/2012
6 out of 5 5 product stars
"Cracking sauce. Perfect heat with a super flavour. One of the best extreme sauces on the market." Robert Manson - 19/02/2012
Wonderful 5 product stars
"This is wonderful!!! I had it with my supper tonight;home grown sweet potatoes and Anya potatoes with a delicious steak and ale pie from Exeter Farmers Market. It was superbly fruity with a fair kick-I am looking forward to baking some of my home made chilli and cheese and chilli bread-yummy!!!" Roger Sayer - 19/09/2011

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