Great Taste Awards 2016

We thought we'd enter the Great Taste Awards this year having not entered anything for some time. The results are in and we've won 2 awards out of the 3 products entered. Our chilli jam didn't win but we've since tweaked the recipe so hopefully it may in future.
We won 2 awards...
Great Taste 1 Star Gold - Lime chilli chocolate

Great Taste 1 Star Gold - Blackcurrant chilli sauce

We are happy especially with the second award as not only do we use our own chillies but we also use our own blackcurrants and this makes picking all the fruit worthwhile (all those hours topping & tailing)

Judges comments : 
Lime Chilli Chocolate - 72% cocoa

Table 5: A glossy looking, well tempered bar of chocolate. Good creamy texture, nice bitter chocolate with a well balanced kick of chilli and a good balance of lime that is very enjoyable
Table 99: Very bold chilli flavours and dark chocolate - this melts well and has notes of lime and then chilli heat.
Table 2: A pleasant flavour of lime and a light kick of chilli at the end. Smooth dark chocolate.
Table 8: Not much of a cacao aroma here, but powerful lime. Quite a good melt, but the bitterness of the lime is marked. The chilli flavour comes in on the end, working quite well with the lime. The flavour combination works well for us, but we find the bitterness too much, with the lime exacerbating the bitterness of the chocolate. The experience finishes bitter also.
Table 1: A glossy , dark chocolate bar, good tang comes from the limes followed by a gentle heat rolling around the mouth.

Blackcurrant chilli sauce

Table 1: A lovely glossy blackcurrant colour, and a suitable pouring texture. Good aroma of blackcurrants and not overpowered at all by the chilli. Very well rounded , balanced, and we were all coming up with ideas for incorporating this sauce in various recipes as this is so versatile.
Table 99: A good bright colour and a good heat on the finish, the vinegar seems to be dominant and quite harsh. We suggest you review the vinegar and adjust the recipe and this has real potential.
Table 6: An interesting novel product and we like the fresh blackcurrant aspect of it.There was some fruit skin/pips present - we suggest putting it through a jelly bag to filter.
Table 3: This sauce has a great vibrant colour and a perfect sauce consistency. The blackcurrant flavour is fresh and tart. The chilli provides a subtle heat on the back taste. Perhaps call this a blackcurrant sauce with a hint of chilli? It is very well made.

Here's the comments for the chilli jam.
We knew it was probably a bit early to enter this one as it was a new recipe.
Maybe our Fireracker sauce would have been a better bet!

Table 4: Red, glossy jam, flecked with chilli fruit and seeds. However on tasting we don't get the flavour of redcurrant or elderberry - we also wonder why if there are elderberries in there it has stayed so red rather than deep purple? The chilli is fruity and hot but this seems to be a waste of redcurrants and elderberries as it tastes just like most chilli jams. More fruit in this please.

Table 7: A nice shiny colour but the set is a little weak. The chilli is over bearing and isn't allowing the berries to sing, which makes this a little challenging to eat.

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