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Project Destroyer
Project Destroyer

Our core market is chilli sauces... but there is alot of competition. Every month there seems to be a new producer offering chilli goodies.  This is fine as it's good to try new things.  
The only snag is that is squeezes an already tight market especially when the big supermarkets are now getting in on the act offering all sorts of products at a price no artisan maker can compete with.

The key we think is growing your own.. rather than simply buying them in. Anyone can do that!

(During the summer, we pick every day)

Growing your own is the challenging part and when you finally harvest your crop, you can appreciate the work that has taken to get to that point.

All those early mornings in the summer, watering your crop, weeding and removing pesky slugs and snails from your polytunnels...   
Not forgetting those wet and windy days when you are standing on wobbly ladders trying to repair tunnel rips or removing layers of snow from the tops of the tunnels hoping they aren't going to collapse under the weight.
And finally when you do pick them, you can either crawl along the tunnel on your hands and knees or stand like a cowboy with your legs in such a contorted position that your back hurts for days afterwards.  Oh the joy.

(little Reapers in our quadgrows)

We are
slightly different to most producers as we are more of a smallholding.  We grow chillies but we also grow apples, tomatoes, red currants, rhubarb, elderberries, red peppers, raspberries, strawberries... and a whole collection of other goodies which we use in our products.     We ONLY use our own chillies in our products. 

(Redcurrants for our chilli jam)

You can't win though, we were recently asked at a market why we don't grow our own mangoes.  Have you tried growing mangoes on Dartmoor.  It's not really an area known for widespread mango production :)   We grew apricots one year. The fruits were so hard we had to put them in a vice and cut them in half with a chainsaw!!   I dont think we have the climate for exotic fruits. Maybe in another 10000 years.

Anyway enough of that.   We are finding more and more that when we go to markets we get told about silly little pure extract sauces that are far hotter than any of ours, and to be honest we find it quite irritating.  Some extract sauces are blooming revolting. Toilet bleach sounds more appealing. 
What is extract??  Check out this link ... a good article from the old Chilefoundry site which sadly is no more. 

Our Dragon sauce is 20% naga and just a touch of extract, so you get a double kick - one from the chillies and one from the extract about 30 seconds later.  

For us it is hot enough.  It leaves most people reeling.  We also are known for a super bonkers hot chocolate called Dartmoor Demon which wipes the floor with most chocolate bars.

We also have our Reaper vials.   Little vials of pain designed for spicing up your food.  These are so hot, the postman thought we were making bombs or had our own meth lab as in Breaking Bad.   He wandered round to the kitchen building and found us wearing gloves and gas masks!

However we've decided to do something hotter, hence our Project Destroyer.   This sauce is madness in a bottle.  More of a weapon than a food.  

We have mixed 50% fresh chillies  (Carolina Reaper - the World's hottest chilli plus Habanero Fatali and Habanero Paper Lantern).    The sauce is based on our most popular sauce - The Goblin so it's got a nice smokey garlic flavour until the chilli comes in and blasts you to kingdom come!   
It is not extract only sauce, the main ingredient is still the chillies.

(Carolina Reaper - The Worlds Hottest Chilli)

On top of this we've added 9 million chilli oleoresin.    Extract comes in many heats depending on the base chilli.   100000, 500000, 1 million, 6.4 million and 9 million.    13 million is also available but it's hard to buy in the UK.  Pure 16 million capsaicin is not for ingestion and could do you some serious internal damage.
You could make it yourself but we wouldn't recommend it. 

Available now here :

At the moment, the first batch of 50 bottles are sitting on temporary labels.. but we have new funky labels coming soon (see top)
The first batch may be more valuable in the future! 

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JeanMilner - 09/11/2018

Hi I have been buying your chilli sauces for my son -in -law in Jersey who as a true South African loves them.. hotter the better! He was wondering if you need any tasters ! I guess you use yourselves... Kind Regards Jean Milner

admin - 09/11/2018

Hi Jean. We actually use a couple of local people in our home town who we run new recipes by to see what they think. If we ever have one drop out, we will be in touch.

Trevor walton - 24/04/2017

Do you have birds eye chillis

admin - 25/04/2017

Hi Trevor. We do grow Birdseye but we don't do the dried chillies anymore. Try Steve at Chillies on the Web ( He does dried birdseye chillies.