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Picking the crop and chilli pics!

It's that time of year again when we are starting to pick the crop.  
We thought you might like to see some of the pictures of the fresh chillies we harvest every year at the farm.    

We use pretty much every single pod in the manufacturer of our sauces and chocolate and the rest are sold online and at events we attend.

If you have any questions on growing chillies or need any advise please do not hesitate to drop us
an email  (  Also check out our projects page which has many tips and recipes.

Here's a little video showing who we are... it's a little old now but worth watching  (if only to laugh at Kay's haircut). Our products have changed ALOT since then!

Dartmoor chilli farm

(Dartmoor chilli farm)

Our main tunnels

(We also grow rhubarb and soft fruits - especially blackcurrants)

One of our tunnels at Dartmoor chilli farm
(a view of one of our tunnels)

Yellow 7 Pot chilli
(Habanero 7 Pot chilli ready for picking - this fruity variety packs one hell of a punch!)

Fresh Bengal Naga chillies
(some Bengal Naga chillies- these are used in our Beast of Dartmoor and Dynamite sauces)

Aji Lemon chillies - great citrus flavour
(Aji Lemons aren't quite ripe yet - except 1 pod!)

Apache chillies
(We still grow Apaches - we grow them in the gaps when other chillies get munched by critters!)

(Fresh Cayenne and Ring of Fire - these are destined for our chilli chocolate)

Naga chillies from Dartmoor chilli farm
(More Naga chillies - destined for hot sauces)

The daily pick
(another mountain of fresh chillies - destined for fresh chilli backs for big events)

Picking the crop - Dartmoor chilli farm
(picking the crop - Dartmoor chilli farm)

Picking the crop 2 - Dartmoor chilli farm
(picking the crop - Dartmoor chilli farm)

Picking the crop - Dartmoor chilli farm
(a massive pile of Nagas!)

Aji chillies and more - Dartmoor chilli farm
(Habanero Paper Lanterns, Bonnets and Yellow fatali)

Dorset Nagas - Dartmoor chilli farm
(Dorset Naga chillies - we use these in the Fiery Apple Chutney)

A mountain of chillies - Dartmoor chilli farm
(mixed Superhots - destined for Firecracker hot sauce)

Habanero Fatali - Dartmoor chilli farm
(A pile of Habanero Fatali - we use these in the Destroyer sauce - with lots of others)

Ring of Fire - Dartmoor chilli farm
(our biggest cropper - Ring of Fire - used in the chilli chocolate)

Fresh chillies at Dartmoor chilli farm
(Another daily pick of superhots!)

Naga Jolokia pc1
(Naga Jolokia pc1 - not to be confused with Ghost chillies)

Ready for sorting  - Dartmoor chilli farm
(ready for sorting - Dartmoor chilli farm)

A few more - Dartmoor chilli farm
(A few more super hots )

Nagas ready for picking
(Nagas for picking - only pick the red ones - however the stems are very brittle and easily snap)

Habanero Orange - Dartmoor chilli farm
(Habanero Orange chillies)

Habanero Paper Lantern - Dartmoor chilli farm
(Paper Lanterns - our favourite chilli by miles)

Firecracker chillies - Dartmoor chilli farm
(In general we don't use ornamentals in our sauces - these are Firecracker chillies - a rare exception to the rule)

Jamaican Yellow - Dartmoor chilli farm
(Jamaican Yellow - similar to a bonnet in looks but not as hot - only 70000 sco units)

The humble Jalapeno - Dartmoor chilli farm
(The Jalapeno - these haven't corked yet so not quite ready for harvesting - corking means the lines the
pod develops as it ripens - it means it has grown out of its skin!)

Fresh Paper Lantern pods -  Dartmoor chilli farm
(Fresh Paper Lantern chillies - destined for our Paper Lantern fresh packs)

Marouga scorpion
(Marouga Scorpion - one of our rarer beauties)

(More Nagas - we grow quite a few of these - these are destined for the demon chocolate - although they will 
need to be dehydrated and ground first)

dried pods
(Nagas after drying)

Phil making powder
(Phil making Naga powder - gas mask essential!)

Dried smoked pods
(Some other dried Ring of fire pods) - these are going to make chilli salt)

Box of fresh pods for customer
(When we have a surplus we offer 1kg boxes of mixed pods)

Fairy Lights
(Fairy Lights - a great ornamental - we keep these as display plants or sell them at markets as plugs)

(An evil chilli - a Carolina Reaper - not such as good crop this year - it happens)

Thai pods - Dartmoor chilli farm
(Thai chillies - a great flavoursome pod - usually picked green)

chipotle flakes
(Chipotle flakes - a long process but these are destined for the chilli salts)

More Habs
(Another box of mixed Habaneros)

7 Pot Yellow
(More fatali chillies)

More superhots - Dartmoor chilli farm
(Does it ever end - a mixture of superhots)

The finished result - Dartmoor chilli farm
(One of our finished products)

Good timing.  
Cheese on toast for dinner (with lashings of Goblin sauce)

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