Jamaican Red

Jamaican Red

(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : Jamaica

Heat Rating : HOT

Scoville Heat Rating : 150000

Very compact, densely foliaged plants bear an abundance of bright red, thin-skinned hot peppers. This is a type of squash pepper. Interesting shape and spicy taste make this pepper good to eat fresh, pickle, or use as a garnish...

A very easy hot chilli to grow.  It looks like a miniaturized sweet pepper but has a healthy kick. It matures from green through to red.   

Very prolific and seems to be slug hardy.

Although not a Chinense type, this annuum variety packs a good punch.  We have grown it this year for use in our Hot Pineapple sauces.   Very easy to deseed.

All the seeds are in a cluster at the top of the pod. It is possible to hold this part and pull.... viola ... all seeds removed!

Fresh pods

Jamaican red pods

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