Dorset Naga

Dorset Naga

(Capsicum chinense)

Origin : Dorset

Heat Rating : EXTREME ++++

Scoville Heat Rating : 800000+

The Dorset Naga was developed by Seaspring Nursery at West Bexington, Dorset. It is one of the worlds hottest chillies.

Its scorching heat is indescribable, and combined with a distinctive fruity flavour, this chilli will give you an incredible eating experience; but must always be treated with the utmost respect.

The wrinkled, wedge-shaped fruit ripen from green to red, and can be harvested at either stage of maturity. They can be up to 2 to 3 cm wide at the shoulders and 4 to 5 cm long, and are produced on large, late maturing plants that need plenty of space to grow.

The pods accumulate on the bottoms of the plants. It is sometimes worth cutting back the foliage a little to allow the pods access to sunlight, so they can ripen quicker.

The heat rating of a Dorset Naga is around 800,000 to 1,000,000 scoville units.

In 2006, the BBC's Gardeners' World television programme ran a trial looking at several chilli varieties, including Dorset Naga. Heat levels were tested and the Dorset Naga came in at 1,598,227 Scoville Units, the hottest heat level ever recorded for a chilli pepper.

It still holds to this day, the unofficial record for the hottest variety.

We use the Dorset Naga in our Extreme Apple Chutney, in our Hot Fire Naga and Lime chilli sauce and in our chilli fudge.

There are alot of poor quality seeds in the market for Dorset Naga. Only buy seeds for this variety from Sea Spring Seeds.

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Dorset Naga