Numex Twilight

Numex Twilight

(Capsicum frutescens)

Origin : USA

Heat Rating : HOT

Scoville Heat Rating : 50000-80000

Chilli Pepper Twilight grows to about 60cm. It is an ideal chilli plant to mix with other peppers to attract bees as the flowers produce nectar. The fruits are small and grow in abundance in an upright habit on the plant. It is very decorative as the dark leaves show off the hundreds of coloured fruits as they ripen from cream to purple through to red.  

Numex Twilight is one of the most decorative of all the Chilli plants and the one most photographed due to this reason.  

The pods are hot although a bit fiddly and not really worth eating as they are small and contain lots of seeds but a brilliant decorative chilli plant.

Numex Twilight

Twilight plant

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