Habanero Orange

Habanero Orange

(Capsicum chinense)

Origin : West Indies

Heat Rating : EXTREME

Scoville Heat Rating : 200000-300000+

This is among the hottest commonly grown chillies in the world!! The fruits are small and wrinkled ripening green to light orange. Used in Mexican and Caribbean cuisine and in our habanero orange and carrot chilli chutney. It is extremely pungent with a good hot kick. - 200,000 - 300,000 Scovilles of heat. 

This is one of our best propagating Habaneros, so if you are looking at just one extreme chilli, this is the variety we would go for.  The pods at the bottom of the plant ripen first. These pods measure 4cm in length and 3cm in diameter, a good size for a Habanero.

(Immature pods ripen from green to Orange)

Habanero Orange
Habanero Orange pods