(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : Eastern Europe
Heat Rating : Medium
Scoville Heat Rating : 20000-40000

This variety is largely grown for its ornamental status. It is an attractive plant with purple stems of multicoloured fruits. The pods change colour from green through purple, yellow, orange and finally to red.

If the pods are picked when fully mature then they are over 100000 Scoville units ie much much hotter. However this variety tends to be grown for its ornamental value.  

The plants grow to around 4ft high but can be pinched out to restrict growing height.  The foliage becomes more and more variegated according to the age of the plant. Eventually it starts to resemble a Purple Tiger.

  An easy to grow variety and very hardy.  Makes an excellent conservatory pot plant.


(Gorgeous purple flowers on the Orozco)

orozco flower

(An immature Orozco plant in a 9cm pot. Note the gorgeous leaves!)

orozco plant

Orozco leaves
(the leaves become lighter and lighter as the plant matures)

Orozco plant

orozco chilli plant
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