Jalapeno Early


(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : Mexico
Heat Rating : MILD
Scoville Heat Rating : 2500-6000

The Jalapeno (pronounced halapeno) is a very popular medium sized chilli pepper of the annum species. It is named after the town of Xalapa in Mexico where it was traditionally grown.

It is easy to grow and will grow easily in our british climate! It is a good starter chilli. It also produces pods faster than the majority of chilli peppers - so you are picking chilli pods 70-80 days after sowing seeds. Some varieties longer than that to germinate!

Most jalapenos are picked when they are green but will eventually turn to red. When fully ripe the stubby fruits are around 3 inches in length. Jalapeno plants stand about 3 feet tall, are quite prolific and each one will produce around 25-30 pods.

The heat rating is mild with a Scoville rating of between 3000-5000 units. TAM Jalapeno is a close relative but it slightly milder.

It is many uses but is commonly used in pickles and for pizza toppings. Another popular dish is Jalapeno peppers with cheese stuffing which are then deep-friend. In Mexican cooking it is used extensively in Nachos.

A Jalapeno which has been smoked is known as a "chipotle". Although this term in modern times seems to refer to any smoked pod.

Here at the chilli farm, we use our Jalapeno pods in our Cider and Chilli Chilli Chutney aswell as in our very popular Chilli Jam..


(An interesting pic. The pods ripen from the base up. Also the little tail at the bottom indicates the pods are 
not fully mature and still have a while to grow)

Jalapeno pod

Jalapeno mature pod

What are the lines?  
The lines on a Jalapeno are called "Corking".  It happens when the fruits grow faster than the skin leaving a crack or scar. It is a good way of testing if a Jalapeno is ripe.  A "corked" pod will have heat whereas a smooth or non-corked pod may not.  Jalapeno's can cork during green or red stages.

A couple more pics  :