Aji Limo

Aji Limo

(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : Peru

Heat Rating : Medium

Scoville Heat Rating : 34000

A new variety for us this year, but  a little cracker. 

Developed by those lovely people at SeaSpringSeeds.

A Peruvian specialty and one of the milder habaneros. The fruit are often top-shaped, though this can vary, even on the same plant.

They are about 30 x 45 mm with a glossy skin that looks as if it has been polished.
When they are young, the fruit are a light yellow colour punctuated with large patches of lilac purple. As they mature, they turn to orange and finally red.

The plants are not overly tall and so can be grown in either in pots or the ground, though in both cases they will need support. A stunningly attractive plant that will lighten up any greenhouse or conservatory.

Aji Limo

If you want seeds for this variety, get them them from SeaSpringSeeds.

Aji Limo
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