Purple Tiger

Purple Tiger

Capsicum annuum

Origin: USA
Heat: Mild / Medium
Scoville Heat Scale : 4000-10000 


Chilli Pepper Purple Tiger a very attractive hot pepper which is also ideal as an ornamental plant. It produces hot purple fruits turning from purple to tri colour before maturing red. Foliage is tri coloured (green, purple and white) and the plant has an open bush habit.

Due to the variegated foliage and the colour of the chillies it is ideal as a pot plant in the kitchen as it is decorative and useful. The fruits are stumpy 1" long by ½" wide.

The plant size can be restricted by the pot size..

Purple Tiger foliage
(This variety has very distinct foliage as you can see)

Purple Tiger

Purple Tiger flowers
(Very pretty purple flowers)

Purple tiger flowers

Purple Tiger in 2 litre pot.  Makes a nice houseplant.

Purple tiger in a pot

Purple tiger bush

Purple tiger plant

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