Habanero White

Habanero Bullet White

(Capsicum chinense)

Origin : South America

Heat Rating : EXTREME

Scoville Heat Rating : 200000+

Chilli Pepper White Habanero is a compact plant with high yields of white habanero fruits which remain white even when mature.

The bullet variety is smaller pod size than the standard plant.

It is an interesting variety with pods that mature to white.  The plants are quite stubby and take a long time to germinate and to bear fruit.  It is a challenging variety.  The yield is quite poor compared to other Habaneros and the pods are very small.

In our opinion this variety is not worth perservering with in an unheated polytunnel or greenhouse. You need to give it maximum light and optimal conditions.

Habanero White

habanero bullet white

Habanero white flower

habanero white flower
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