Habanero Paper Lantern

Our favourite variety and biggest cropper on the farm.

Habanero Paper Lantern

(Capsicum chinense)

Origin : West Indies

Heat Rating : EXTREME

Scoville Heat Rating : 400000+

  Chilli Pepper Paper Lantern often produces more pendant fruits than any of the other habanero peppers. The 10cm long fruits are elongated and ripen from lime green to bright red.

A extremely hot variety. Handle with care!

    The plants grow to around 50cm high and are a late fruiter with a compact habit. However they produce utterly stunning looking pendant pods, so are worth perservering with.    

If you get no fruit in the first season,  this variety overwinters successfully in our experience, providing you can give it a nice, warm winter home inside.

Paper Lantern

Fresh paper lantern pods

fresh paper lantern chillies
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