Hungarian Hot Wax

Hungarian Hot Wax

(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : Hungary
Heat Rating : HOT
Scoville Heat Rating : 30000-50000

Hungarian Hot Wax is an early, hot variety which is vigorous and quick growing. Produces long, conical light green fruits turning yellow when ripe. 
Ideal for containers. An incredibly versatile pepper and worth growing alone for the unusual coloured fruits.

The pods are really taste and are great stuffed with cheese and tomatoes in the same way you would use a sweet banana or yellow wax pod.

The one downside to this pepper is they are one of the most susceptible varieties for slugs and snails if grown outside. They need additional protection if grown outside or in greenhouses.

First chillies from 2010 growing on Hot Wax plant
(Hot wax are one of the first varieties to produce fruits)