Santa Fe Grande

Santa Fe Grande

(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : USA
Heat Rating : MILD
Scoville Heat Rating : 800-4000

Chilli Pepper Santa Fe Grande can reach a height of 60cm and produces a heavy crop of conical shaped thick walled fruits blunted at the end which are approx 6cm long. The fruits ripen from yellow to bright orange through to red.

If picked when yellow the fruits are very mild but get considerably hotter if left until they have turned red.

They are delicious when used fresh or perfect as a pickling pepper.

The plants are really easy to grow and very prolific.  We would advise leaving the chillies on the plants until they turn orange or red as the pale yellow fruits have very little heat. 

The pods seem to be quite resistant to slugs and snails which is always good to know.

Santa Fe

Sante fe plant

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