Numex Big Jim

Numex Big Jim

(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : New Mexico
Heat Rating : VERY MILD
Scoville Heat Rating : 500-2000

Chilli Pepper Numex Big Jim is a plant which grows up to 90cm tall and 30cm across with huge meaty fruits 25cm long and over 6cm wide (although fruits of up to 30cm long have been recorded). 

The fruits can be picked green or red when ripe, they are ideal for roasting, sauces and stuffing.  They are very mild with just a hint of heat.

Numex Big Jim is listed in the Guinness Book Of Records as having grown the largest chilli pods.

The dwarf plants can produce up to 30 pods on a single plant which is very impressive given the size of the plant compared with the size of the fruits which are Medium to Hot. The plants take over 80 days to reach maturity..

Numex Big Jim

Big jim chilli
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