(Capsicum chinense)

Origin : UK

Heat Rating : Very Mild

Scoville Heat Rating : 700

Developed by those lovely people at SeaSpringSeeds. 

Sea Spring Seeds’ version of a mild habanero, Apricot is virtually heat-free. The elongated fruit are slightly-grooved and measure about 25x60 mm. They have an appealing crunchy texture and a wonderfully fresh, aromatic fragrance. As they mature the colour changes from a delicate lime green to a stunning salmon orange. The medium-sized plants are quite tidy and disciplined, and can be grown, with some support, either in pots, growbags or the ground.

Delicious stuffed or used in salads as a fragrant addition to the dish. A real treat for cooks keen on introducing extra flavour to their food, and suitable for anyone nervous of the mouth-burning nature of chillies.

Highly recommended.

If you want seeds for this variety, you must buy them from SeaSpringSeeds.

Picture c/o of Seaspring seeds website