Cayenne Red


(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : USA
Heat Rating : Medium-Hot
Scoville Heat Rating : 30000-50000

This is a great variety, producing good crops of slender and spicy chilli peppers that will certainly spice up your culinary life! We are always amazed at how prolific and versatile this variety is, again one of our favourites.

We use it in our chilli chocolate and in our muscle rub.

Cayenne peppers can be dried and ground used as powder added to sauces, stews, casseroles, sprinkled over salads, used in marinades and rubs.

The fruits are 10-20cm long and taper to a point. They are usually picked when fully mature and are commonly used in Chinese and Indian dishes.

Cayenne young plant...

Cayenne plant

Fresh pods

Cayenne pods

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