Pettie Belle

Pettie Belle

(Capsicum chinense)

Origin : Ghana

Heat Rating : Medium

Scoville Heat Rating : 37500

Developed by those lovely people at SeaSpringSeeds. 

A habanero chilli selected by Sea Spring Seeds from the kpakpo shito landrace of Ghana. A high proportion of the small fruit (about 25mm in diameter) are bell-shaped, making this variety possibly the smallest bell pepper in the world. They are hot, but measuring around 37,500 SHUs they are still one of our milder habaneros. The medium tall, bushy plants can be gown in the ground or larger pots, though they will need support to stay upright. Worth growing for its novelty value alone.

If you want seeds for this variety, you must buy them from SeaSpringSeeds.

Pettie belle

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