Nettle Feed

Make your own Liquid Plant Feed


There are lots of plant feeds on the market. We use a combination of Chilli Focus and our own home made liquid plant foods. Here is an easy way of making Nettle feed. Brilliant for chilli plants aswell as your home grown vegetables.

Another bonus of Nettle feed is that stinging nettles in their very nature, attract ladybirds. So using this feed on your chillies, will attract the good predators into your polytunnel/greenhouse and help to eliminate some of the other problems you may encounter such as white fly, green fly and aphids.

Nettle feed is extremely easy to make and your chillies will love you for it!

You will need

  • A large plastic dustbin with a lid

  • Stinging nettles

  • Gloves

  • Piece of cord

  • A pair of scissors

  • A large stone

  • An old onion sack (or any string sack will do)

To make the feed

  1. Fill the dustbin half full of water

  2. Put on the gloves

  3. Locate some stinging nettles

  4. Using the scissors, cut the top 12 inches of the nettle stems and add them to the sack.

  5. When the sack is full, tie the top with some cord.

  6. Open the dustbin and submerge the sack in the water. Put the stone on top to weigh it down.

  7. Put the lid on.

  8. Wait 2 weeks. You can tell the feed is ready when you open the lid and it stinks out your garden!

  9. Remove the sack and dredge the scum from the top of the water. You can reuse the bag – and old /soggy nettle leaves can go on compost heap.

  10. You can either bottle your feed OR leave it in the dustbin. Personally, we recommend handling the feed as little as possible. It is rather stinky!

  11. When watering, add a jamjar full of feed to each watering can of water.

Feed once a week when the chillies are starting to flower for best results.
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