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New Record Chilli?

There are rumours of a new super hot chilli variety...   This one is called a Moruga Scorpion and it has been grown by Jim Duffy, a chilli grower in San Diego.

The official World Record Holder is currently the Trinidad Scorpion, Butch T strain which measures 1,463,700 on the Scoville scale.  Other superhots include the Naga Viper, 7-Pot, Infinity, Bhut Jolokia and the Dorset Naga.
The latter holds the unofficial record at 1,598,227 scoville units which was obtained in 2006 as part of a BBC Gardeners World programme about Hot Chilies.

To get this into perspective in layman's terms, a Bhut Jolokia pod at 1,041,427 scoville units is 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

However all this could change if the Moruga Scorpion figure is validated.     It would be the first chilli in history to measure over 2 million units.  We can only speculate to what a mature pod would taste like!

We grew "Morouga's" last year from seeds obtained through Chilli Pepper Pete and we told quite a few people at shows and events that we had an inkling that it could topple the Butch T's crown.   The US spelling is different but we guess it is probably the same or if not, a very similar strain. Both have been developed from the Trinidad Scorpion.
Obviously chillies grown in Devon are not going to be as hot as those grown in high heat conditions in America!

Jim Duffy
(Jim Duffy, Refining Fire Chillies)

When the Bhut Jolokia broke the record it averaged over 1 million units. This was not individual plants but  tests across replicated plots of the same crop.    We will wait and see if the Moruga Scorpion is officially validated.

We will have more information soon...

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