Recommended Variety - Apache

Recommended Varieties - Apache

Apache chilli variety

We often get asked which chilli varieties we would recommend. Our answer really depends on the following main questions

1) Where are you growing it? Greenhouse/polytunnel/windowsill
2) What sort of heat do you want ie mild/medium/hot/superhot
3) Do you want culinary or ornamental.

Of course there are other questions but once we have the answers to this basic questions, we can try and suggest varieties for our customers.

If you  have never grown chillies before, a good starter variety is the Apache.

Variety Information


(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : USA
Heat Rating : Hot
Scoville Heat Rating : 75000-80000 (when mature - dark Red) but 30000 when green.  

An attractive dwarf chilli pepper with an exceptionally high yield of fruits. It an be grown on the window sill, in the conservatory or on the patio.

If you are looking for just one hot chilli pepper variety you will not be disappointed with an Apache. They need very little care and will always produce an abundant crop of about 2-4cm long fruits which mature from green to red. Picked when green they are fairly mild but if you wait for them to fully mature to a deep red, they are blisteringly hot.

Easy to grow and very hardy for a chilli plant. A good variety which overwinters easily without having to cut it back.

The plants grow to around 50cm high and can become quite bushy in shape but are a perfect variety for a windowsill.

Reasons why we love this variety  :

1) Very early fruiting. Apache plants will set flower and produce pods very early in the season. You can expect to start harvesting pods in July.

2) Traffic light chillies... Pick green and they are mild, Yellow/orange, they are medium Wait for them to go red and they are much hotter. A fully mature red pod is almost Scotch Bonnet heat and will bring tears to your eyes.

3) Culinary & Ornamental - Compact, windowsill variety, the Apache doubles up as a houseplant. The pods look glorious and as a bonus you can eat them. A house plant however... well good luck eating that. Most are toxic.

4) Number of pods - Extremely prolific.  You can pick at least 50-75 pods in a growing season.. By picking the fruits, it encourages the plant to produce more.

5) Overwintering.. This variety is quite hardy and we have managed to overwinter them without any problems.

6) Drying - The pods on this variety are easy to dry - either in strings or in a low oven.  We also freeze these pods. Blend them up and put the mush into icecube trays. When making a curry, pop out an chilli ice cube for instant heat.

7) Hardyness - The Apache is extremely easy to look after. It is tolerant of most soil condition and can tolerate a lack of water better than most varieties. Our daughter left an Apache on her windowsill before going to Peru for a month. On her return, it was still growing fine!     It also tolerates being overwatered.  One of the few varieties that does.

Overall, a cracking variety.. Easy to grow, hardy and produces masses of pods.  A great starter plant.

Some people can get quite snobbish and say..." Oh just an Apache".  Don't listen to them.  The Apache is an absolute belter.  At markets, it is the most popular variety by miles. 

Apache flower
Apache flower on young plant.

We like Apaches!
As you can see, we grow quite a few!

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