Recommended Variety - Fairy Lights

Recommended Varieties - Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights

We often get asked which chilli varieties we would recommend. Our answer really depends on the following main questions

1) Where are you growing it? Greenhouse/polytunnel/windowsill
2) What sort of heat do you want ie mild/medium/hot/superhot
3) Do you want culinary or ornamental.

Of course there are other questions but once we have the answers to this basic questions, we can try and suggest varieties for our customers.

If you want a colourful variety, you can't get much prettier than Fairy Lights.

Variety Information

Fairy Lights

(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : UK

Heat Rating : Hot
Scoville Heat Rating : 47000

A new variety for us last year and one of our favourites already.

Developed by those lovely people at SeaSpringSeeds

A stunning example of chillies at their most colourful, Fairy Lights is a selection made from the ornamental variety NuMex Twilight. The plants have purple-tinged leaves matched by bright purple flowers that develop into small, cone-shaped fruit measuring about 12 x 25 mm.

These put on a dramatic display of colours as they turn from luminescent purple to orange then red. The fruit are not only attractive, they are also hot. The spreading, bushy plants are quite short, and will grow unsupported both in containers and in the ground.

One of the prettiest of all chilli plants in our humble opinion!

Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights

Reasons why we love this variety :

1) Very early fruiting. Fairy Lights plants will set flower and produce pods very early in the season. You can expect to start harvesting pods in July.

2) Colourful pods and foliage - Amazing looking plant which grows to about 3ft high. The pods are multicoloured and the leaves are variegated. One of the prettiest varieties available with amazing purple flowers

3) Culinary & Ornamental - Compact, windowsill variety, Fairy Lights doubles up as a houseplant. The pods look glorious and as a bonus you can eat them.    Superb in a large pot as a patio plant (just protect from heavy rain)

4) Number of pods - Extremely prolific. You can pick at least 50-75 pods in a growing season.. By picking the fruits, it encourages the plant to produce more.

5) Drying - The pods on this variety are easy to dry.

Overall an amazingly striking variety.  Prettier than the Numex Twilight with more usable pods.

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