Recommended Variety - Jamaican Red

Recommended Varieties

Jamaican Red   (aka Jamaican Hot)

We often get asked which chilli varieties we would recommend. Our answer really depends on the following main questions 

1) Where are you growing it? Greenhouse/polytunnel/windowsill
2) What sort of heat do you want ie mild/medium/hot/superhot
3) Do you want culinary or ornamental. 

Of course there are other questions but once we have the answers to this basic questions, we can try and suggest varieties for our customers.

If you want a prolific hot variety that is easy to grow in our UK climate, we'd recommend the Jamaican Red

Variety Information

Jamaican Red

(Capsicum annuum)
Origin : Jamaica
Heat Rating : HOT
Scoville Heat Rating : 100000-120000

Very compact, densely foliaged plants bear an abundance of bright red, thin-skinned hot peppers. This is a type of squash pepper. Interesting shape and spicy taste make this pepper good to eat fresh, pickle, or use as a garnish...

A very easy hot chilli to grow.  It looks like a miniaturized sweet pepper but has a healthy kick. The pods measure about 6cm wide by 5cm high and mature from green through to red.   They are very similar in appearance to a Scotch Bonnet although a little bigger.

Very prolific and seems to be slug hardy (from this years growing season  / DCF 2011)

Although not a Chinense type, this annuum variety packs a good punch.  We have grown it this year for use in our Hot Pineapple sauces.

Reasons why we like this variety :

1) Long podding season -  Plants will set flower and produce pods very early in the season. You can expect to start harvesting pods in July.  We picked the last pods in December.

2) Easy to grow - Unlike Scotch Bonnets, this variety is particularly easy to grow.  We grow them outside in an unheated polytunnel.   

3) Heat - For an annum, they are surprisingly hot.  Cutting one of the fruits in half, it looks like a bonnet, smells like a bonnet and has a good heat and a wonderful fruity flavour.

4) Number of pods - Extremely prolific. You can pick at least 50-75 pods in a growing season per plant. By picking the fruits, it encourages the plant to produce more

5) Resistance to pests - Slugs and snails don't seem to like them.  Which is a big thumbs up from us!