Recommended Variety - Cherry Bomb

Recommended Variety - Cherry Bomb

We often get asked which chilli varieties we would recommend. Our answer really depends on the following main questions 

1) Where are you growing it? Greenhouse/polytunnel/windowsill
2) What sort of heat do you want ie mild/medium/hot/superhot
3) Do you want culinary or ornamental. 

Of course there are other questions but once we have the answers to this basic questions, we can try and suggest varieties for our customers.

If you want a great alternative to a Jalapeno with similar heat which grows well in an unheated tunnel, then a Cherry Bomb is a little cracker.

Variety Information

Cherry Bomb

(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : USA
Heat Rating : MILD
Scoville Heat Rating : 2500-5000

 Cherry Bomb F1 is a small Cherry variety being very productive and early. Fruits have a thick wall and are produced on small strong plants. Fruits are round and approx 7cm in diameter and ripen green to bright red and are excellent for pickling. 

We were really pleased with this variety last year which produced an abundant crop of versatile fruits early in the season through to late summer. Heat rating of 2,500-5,000 Scoville

Some have confused this variety with the Sweet Pepper called Red Cherry. However, although the plants look similar, the pods on the sweet cherry are much larger and rounder shaped. They also grow upwards.  Cherry Bomb's on the other hand grow downwards. The pods are more elongated, almost teardrop shaped.

Cherry Bomb chillies

Reasons why we like this variety :

1) Long podding season -  Plants will set flower and produce pods very early in the season. You can expect to start harvesting pods in July.  We picked the last pods in November

2) Easy to grow - We grow them outside in an unheated polytunnel.   The plants grow to around 3-4ft high if planted in large pots or in the ground.

3) Flavour - Great flavour. Very fruity.  A good recipe is to cut them in half, scoop out the seeds. Fill with feta cheese and fry.  Delicious!   Also a great variety for pickling.

4) Number of pods - Extremely prolific. You can pick at least 50-75 pods in a growing season per plant. By picking the fruits, it encourages the plant to produce more 

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