Our favourite Non DCF Products

Our favourite Non DCF Products!

Like any chilli enthusiast, we have a cupboard of chilli products from sauces, chutneys to jellies and salts.

We tend to use our own products most of the time - especially our Chipotle and Beast sauces but we just love trying other producers products.   The chilli industry is the friendliest we've ever been involved in.

Here's a little list of our top 10 chilli produts NONE of which are produced by ourselves. Products we turn to again and again!     This list may change over time as we are always discovering wonderful products out there in the "chilli universe!"

It also proves there are some amazing independent chilli producers out there. We urge you to give them a try!

Our top 10 include...  in no particular order

1) Cambridge Chilli Farm - Habanero & Pineapple Sauce
- One of our favourite all time sauces.  An amazingly fruity sauce with a great Habanero kick but not overpowering.  We stocked up at the WestDean chilli festival with as many bottles that Tim would sell us.  We use it in deli wraps with cheese, coleslaw and salad.
Contact Tim at www.cambridgechillifarm.co.uk
or on twitter @cambchillifarm

2) Wiltshire Chilli Farm - Aji Lemon Sauce
- A superb single chilli sauce featuring one of our favourite chillies.. the Aji Lemon.  This chilli has a citrus like taste and this sauce is simply magic. The chilli content is very high at 50% with few other ingredients, so it really brings out the flavours of this wonderful chilli.
Contact Jamie &  Julie  at  www.justchillies.co.uk
or on twitter @wiltshirechilli

3) Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm - Smoked Upton Dragon
- A brilliant sauce, made by Alex and Louise from Upton Cheyney chilli farm.  A great smokey flavour and a superb chilli kick make this one of our all time favourites.  They also make a superb Oak smoked Chipotle sauce (which i can't eat being vegetarian - do us a favour Alex and make a batch without the fish stock!). 
Contact Alex & Louise at www.uptonchilli.co.uk
or on twitter @chilli_farmer

4) Sinful Sauces - Wicked Red Pepper Sauce
- One of the best new sauce makers in the market.  They have a range of "Sinful sauces" featuring the different deadly sins.  This one is Wickedness.   It is a delicious fruity Red pepper sauce with lots of Serrano chillies, tomatoes and rosemary.  Goes brilliant with pasta dishes.
Contact Paul and Kelly at www.sinfulsauces.co.uk
or on twitter @sinfulsauces

5) Hot Headz Sauces - Habanero Extra Hot Ketchup
- Another regularly used sauce.  It is a ketchup with a Habanero kick. One of Stuart from HotHeadz finest products.   We love it.   It has a great flavour and livens up sausages and bbqs a treat.
Contact Stuart at HotHeadz at www.hot-headz.com
or on twitter @hotheadzsauces

6) Devon Smoke House - Sweet Chilli Salt
- Salt is all the rage but we purchased this one a year ago and it is still going strong.  It adds amazing flavours to jacket spuds.  The Devon Smokehouse have a wonderful range of salts available including all sorts of chilli salts and an amazing "Vinegar Salt which prevents soggy chips!". These guys were the original producers of chilli salt and we urge you to give them a try.
Contact Alec at http://devonshire-gourmetsalts.co.uk
 or on twitter @devonsmokehouse

7) Firefoods - Firemite Sauce
- A unique product from Woody at Firefoods. If you like Marmite and chillies (which we do), this is an essential product as it is a combination of both.  Superb on a toasted cheese sandwich!
Contact Woody at www.firefoods.co.uk
or on twitter @firefoods

8) Bims Kitchen - Hot Tangy BBQ Sauce
Bim is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  His range of African inspired chilli products is a breath of fresh air. This is our favourite in his range..  a flavoursome tangy bbq sauce.
Contact Bim at www.bimskitchen.com
or on twitter @bimskitchen

9) Wiltshire Chilli Farm - Hot Chilli Jam
- There are lots of chilli jams on the market but this is our absolute favourite. The chilli jam from JB Preserves is a close runner up.  However i like a little heat and Wiltshire chilli farms jam packs a wonderful flavour and heat (but not overpowering) and goes with every meal!
Contact Jamie &  Julie  at  www.justchillies.co.uk
or on twitter @wiltshirechilli

10) Chilli Garden - Hungarian Chilli Dipping Jam
- Another type of jam with a thinner consistency, this is a mild product made with Hungarian Hot Wax chillies.  It is delicious with a strong cheese and gets used alot in our household (especially by Kay) as you can tell by the half-empty jar!
Contact the Chilli Garden at    www.thechilligarden.co.uk
or follow them on twitter @thechilligarden

Finally for all things chilli related including lots of independent reviews, we recommend all readers visit the ChileFoundry website.

They are also on twitter @chilefoundry

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