Naga Jolokia

Naga Jolokia

(Capsicum frutescens)
India PC-1

Origin : India

Heat Rating : EXTREME +

Scoville Heat Rating : TBC

Sometimes known as Indian-PC1.

From northern India, this variety hit the headlines around the turn of the last millennium.

Pods grow vertically and mature from green to bright red.  Needs pinching out early to ensure bushy growth.

It is a Naga (as it is grown in Nagaland, India) and extremely hot but don't confuse it with the Bhut Jolokia or Dorset Naga.

Our first year of growing this variety, so we will post more pictures as the plants/pods mature

Flowers on Naga Jolokia

Immature pods 
Naga Jolokia

Ripe pods (picked October 2012 at Dartmoor Chilli Farm)

fresh naga jolokia
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