Hot Strawberry Jam

Hot Strawberry Jam


This is the most popular product we have ever done. The chillies make a real difference to recipe and everyone who tried it, was really impressed with how well strawberries and chillies mingle. Especially  a dollop on a cream tea with clotted cream and a fruity scone. Yum!

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Unfortunately due to 6 weeks of rain, this has ruined our entire strawberry crop this season (900 plants), hence we will not be releasing it this year which is a real shame.

(Our strawberry cloches at the chilli farm)

(Kay picking fresh strawberries last year)

However, we thought we'd give you the recipe, meaning you can try it yourselves at home.  We'd recommend buying locally grown strawberries if you can, rather than supermarket ones. They taste much better and you won't regret paying a little extra.

Strawberry jam can be difficult to make as the fruits have very low pectin levels. The pectin is mostly in the skin of the berry but it is difficult to extract - especially as good jams tend to have whole strawberries in!
You can make it easier by either adding additional bottled pectin OR as we do, the rind, juice and pith of lemons which are much higher in natural pectin.

Ingredients :
  • 4 kg strawberries (We used our own Elsanta and Cambridge Favourite strawberry varieties)
  • 2 lemons
  • 4 kg white sugar
  • 4 fresh Dorset Naga/Bhut Jolokia pods 
** If you cannot get fresh pods – use 4 tablespoons of dried Naga flakes instead.  

We use Naga pods but Habanero pods would work just as well - something like Scorpion or 7 pot pods, may well even improve the recipe.

To prepare :

1) Remove the zest of the lemons and then cut in half and squeeze the juice into a preserving pan.
2) Into a muslin bag, dice the remain lemon pith and add the zest. Tie tightly.
3) Wash and Hull the strawberries then them whole add to the preserving pan. Add the muslin bag to the pan.
4) Heat gently until the juice begins to run. Simmer until the fruit is tender and the contents of the pan have reduced.
5) Wearing gloves, finely dice the chillies and add both flesh and seeds to the pan. If using dried flakes, add these at this stage.
6) Add the sugar and stir until it has dissolved.
7) Boil rapidly until setting point has been reached.
8) Remove the muslin bag and skim the top of the pan to remove any sediment.
9) Pour into warm sterlised jars and seal. Allow to mature for 14 days before eating.

We hope you enjoy it as much as our customers do!  Here's a sample of the feedback we received..

Coming originally from Stratford-on Avon as I do- Near The Vale of Evesham;one of the country's most famous strawberry growing areas;I love them!! This jam-even without the chillis in it-would be superb;nice chunky strawberry jam-yummy!!! But with the added allure of chillis makes my morning toast a veritable feast.Well recommended.

Thanks for the rapid delivery, the refund and most of all for the fabulous products., theyre all ace, love the beast but that hot strawberry jam is the winner, we love it. Interestingly I tried fresh strawberries with black pepper today too (good but not as good!)

From Facebook - My favorite flavour this year is HOT Strawberry jam from Dartmoor Chili Farm " fantasic sweet strawbs with a fiery finish"

Chilli Foundry review - July 2010.   (recipe amended to make it thicker)

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