Dealing with Diseases

Dealing with Diseases

Plant diseases do not just cause leaf disfigurement but often can be fatal to the plant, so need to be taken seriously.  If you have multiple plants, sacrificing one to save many, may be the best solution.

We do not use pesticides or fungicides which are often used to control diseases. We recommend the method of spotting the symptom early and manual controls!

Plant diseases are rare to chilli plants. We just give you the information... just in case!

Leaf Spot

Leaf Spots : 
Fungi and bacteria can cause leaf spots. Black spots on leaves are a sign of a spore - bearing fungus.  Pick off any infected leaves.  Avoid misting too frequently and improve ventilation around your plants.

Sooty Mould : 
This fungus covers the leaves - usually the back, but sometimes spreads to the front with a black growth that resembles soot. It does not harm the plants but looks unsightly.   It is caused by a fungus that lives on the honeydew left by aphids.  Eliminate the aphids and this mould will not appear.

Mildew : 
There are various kinds of mildew - powdery mildew being the most common.  It is easily identified as  white, flour like deposit on leaves. The problem can easily spread from infected leaves to the whole plant.   To control, pick off any infected leaves and reduce the humidity around the plant.

Root Rot : 
The first sign is collapse of a seemingly healthy plant. The leaves curl up and turn brown/black.  The entire plant starts to wilt.     A classic case of overwatering.    It may be too late to save the plant.   Take the plant out of the pot and wrap an absorbent paper around the root ball. It may be possible to suck some of the moisture out of the roots. Then repot the plant in new compost.     

Viruses  : 
The symptoms of plant viruses are stunted or distorted leaf growth and yellow blotches.  Viruses are transmitted by sap-sucking insects such as white or greenfly.  Repotting may help but it may well be too late to save individual plants.  

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