Recommend Variety - Superchilli

Recommended Varieties - Super  Chilli

Variety Information : 

Super Chilli F1

(Capsicum annuum)

Origin : USA
Heat Rating : Hot
Scoville Heat Rating : 50000-70000 Scoville Units

Similar fruit size and shape to Thai Dragon but with thin wall. The fruit is upright setting and ripens from light green to orange red. Can be used fresh, dried or pickled. Ideal as an ornamental pot plant.

It is one of the easier chillies to grow as it germinates quickly and it produces a lot of peppers.

The pods ripen from yellow to red. Once fully mature they are surprisingly hot.

The plants are bushy (similar to an Apache) with clusters of pods. They are early yielding and produce masses of pods.   

The plants grow to around 20-30cm tall and the pods are around 5-6cm in length and 1-1.5cm in width.  They are brilliant for drying and making into flakes.

Reasons why we love this variety  :

1) Very early fruiting. Our first pods for the last three years have been from a Super Chilli. You can expect to start harvesting pods in July.

2) Traffic light chillies... Pick green and they are mild, Yellow/orange, they are medium Wait for them to go red and they are much hotter

3) Culinary & Ornamental - Compact, windowsill variety, the Super Chilli doubles up as a houseplant.  The pods look glorious and as a bonus you can eat them.   A house plant however...  well good luck eating that. Most are toxic.

4) Number of pods - The Super Chilli lives up to its name. It is very prolific.  From one single plant on our kitchen windowsill last year, we picked over 50 pods.

5) Overwintering..   This variety is quite hardy and we have managed to overwinter them without any problems.

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