Grow Your Own

Grow your own!  Free seeds with every web order. 

We always try and encourage people to have a try at growing chillies themselves. There is nothing better than wandering into your greenhouse (or picking from a chilli grown in a pot in a conservatory or windowsill), and harvesting your own crops.  It's a good feeling and home grown always tastes nicer than those bought in the shop. Honest :-)

Therefore with every order placed online, we put in free chilli seeds.    Usually Habaneros or Jalapenos.


Jalapeno plants

Chillies are pretty easy.   As with all plants they need somewhere warm to germinate.  As soon as they've "popped" put them somewhere light but out of direct sun (at least whilst they are seedlings).  Repot when ready and then put your pots in a nice dry sunny location..  The trick with chillies is to cut down on the water.  

More information on growing from seed can be found here :

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