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In these uncertain times, cashflow for a small business such as ourselves is everything. 

2020 was looking promising in January but now ALL of our markets have either been cancelled of postponed, so we aren't quite sure where our source of income is going to come from.

The government has brought in a raft of new rules and policies to help businesses but we are not sure if we are going to be applicable for any of the grants or loans on offer!


Markets are now all off, we are not permitted to have visitors due to planning restrictions and our trade customers/stockists are in the same boat as us.   Web sales are lovely but the few we get weekly aren't going to keep the wolf from the door, especially as we still have bills to pay.


Hence this product... our  £20 for £15 voucher.    Order this and we'll email you an individual voucher which gives you £20 worth of our products for just £15.      We appreciate all orders at the moment, so for that you get a bit more than most.


The voucher can be used at any point in the future so you can give it as a birthday present or even xmas present.    Don't worry, times are hard but we will be here for ever.   


This will help our cashflow and allow us to feed ourselves, our dogs and pay the council tax  and other essential bills!


IGNORE THE DOWNLOAD LINK.   ON OUR OLD WEBSITE , WE COULD SET PRODUCTS TO FREE DELIVERY BUT WIX DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE THIS OPTION!  Grrrr, so we will email you the voucher which you can pass on to your recipient or use yourselves!


Many thanks


Phil and Kay

Dartmoor Chilli Farm

We need your email address or your recipients email address.   The voucher will be unique to you.