3 SAUCES FOR £10 with free chilli chocolate



Any 3 for £10 including a free bar of chilli chocolate


 Just pick your selections using the extra information box on the checkout form. Also please tell us what flavour of chocolate you want  we have plain dark, dark lime, dark coffee, dark orange, dartmoor demon and the milk which we have re-released.

Deal Includes:


  • Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Blackcurrant Chilli Sauce
  • Hot Fire Naga and Lime Chilli Sauce
  • Dartmoor Smoke
  • Dartmoor Goblin
  • Fruity Habanero
  • Beast of Dartmoor Hot Chilli Sauce
  • Dartmoor Dynamite Extreme Chilli Sauce 100ml
  • Dartmoor Dragon 
  • Firecracker
  • Dartmoor Destroyer
  • Extra Virgin Chilli Oil (plain)
  • Extra Virgin Chilli Oil with Lemon Thyme
  • Extra Virgin Chilli Oil with Garlic
  • Extra Virgin NAGA Chilli Oil