This hamper contains our favourite products and what we consider the best products in our range.    We've added heat ratings for all the products below so you can see you get a good mixture.


Supplied in a quality wicker hamper.

Free delivery in Mainland UK.


Includes : 


Dartmoor Dragon Extreme Chilli Sauce - a great hot mango sauce made with fresh Dorset Naga pods and a subtle touch of Wildfire.   Heat rating out of 10 : 9


Beast of Dartmoor Hot chilli Sauce - Ever popular.  A low sugar tomato and red pepper hot sauce made with fresh Bhut Jolokia Chillies.    Heat rating out of 10 : 7.5


Dartmoor Goblin - Our best selling sauce.  Made with Smoked and caramelized garlic and Naga Jolokia pods - Medium heat but packed full of flavour.    Heat rating out of 10 : 6


Blackcurrant Chilli Sauce  - Made using our own blackcurrants grown here at the farm.   A great pudding sauce with just a touch of chilli.  Great Taste Gold Winner.      Best Mild sauce at Dorset Chilli Festival.

 Heat rating out of 10 : 2


Firecracker Hot Sauce  - A sweet and sticky hot sauce made with a mixture of chillies including Firecracker, Scotch Bonnets, Habaneros and a little Reaper for added Fire!   It is a sweet chilli sauce with attitude.    Heat rating out of 10 : 8


Naga Chilli Salt -  Phil uses this product every day. On pretty much every meal.   A good quality seasalt mixed with our dried Bhut Jolokia chillies.   Always popular at markets!

 Heat rating out of 10 : 7.5


Garlic Chilli Oil - An extra virgin cold pressed Rapeseed oil from Fussels in Somerset mixed with our dried Ring of Fire chillies and garlic granules.   This product is a medium heat which gets better and better over time.    Heat rating out of 10 : 4


Orange Chilli Chocolate - Our most popular chocolate bar. Made with 72% cocoa from Lessiters chocolatiers who have been trading for over 100 years.  Great Taste Winner. Mild Heat.

 Heat rating out of 10 : 2


Coffee Chilli Chocolate - Our Great Taste 3 Star Gold winning product. Made by Lessiters chocolatiers using our dried, crushed Ring of Fire pods. Mild heat.  Crunchy. It has coffee layered through the chocolate and is an absolute belter.

 Heat rating out of 10 : 2



Supplied in a really nice wicker hamper with lockable straps.   No cheap box with clingfilm here!


We can ship this direct as a gift if necessary and add the message of your choice,


There is VAT on the chocolate part of this product. A vat invoice will be emailed to the purchaser.



Suitable for vegetarians and vegans  (and everyone else!)






Chilli "Best of" Hamper