Chilli Growing Kit - Improved propagator

Chilli Growing Kit - Improved propagator


We have had to modify our popular growing kit as we are out of stock on the clamshell propagators that we normally use.   The supplier is based in Holland and currently they are not shipping to the UK due to Brexit red tape.    So we've changed the propagator to a different sort which is a 4 piece product and is much more sturdy and has an additional vent for air circulation.

 Whilst we are at it, we've also added more seeds!




Dartmoor Chilli Farm - Chilli Growing Kit

In this pack is everything you need to get started growing chillies for yourselves.  

In our new kit, you get a mini propagator where you can comfortably grow six chilli plants at a time.  You can either use compost or use the pellets provided. 


The greenhouse is perfect for a windowsill providing optimal growing conditions for your little seedlings. It also has a way of adjusting the air supply which is quite handy. 


Now included : 


Habanero Orange
Ornamental (Prairie Fire equivalent)


Sweet Peppers
Yolo Wonder
Californian Wonder


Hot Herbs 
Coriander "Cilantro"


We are aware that the pack doesn't snap together as well as the old mini greenhouse blister pack we used to use.  So it's a little bit of a mish mash, we think it is a much better kit than the previous one.   The propagator is a 4 piece unit including base, 6 cell compartment and transparent clip on lid (plus a separate clipon dial for adjusting air circulation).   We could have put it together with the pellets/feed/seeds but would have had to lose the middle compartment.   As growers, this is an integral piece to the propagator so we've sacrifised looks for practicality.   We hope you agree!


All you need to provide is a warm, sunny position.

Please note we include easy to grow / tried and tested varieties. Hotter varieties such as Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reapers will need electric propagators to germinate.


  • Propagator - new 4 piece sturdier model
  • 18 compost pellets
  • 3 packets of seeds - 2 multipacks :"Chillies and Peppers"  including Jalapeno, Cayenne, Californian Wonder & Yolo Wonder) and "Hot & Spicy" multipack which includes Habanero, Jalapeno, Cumin & Coriander  plus an individual ornamental chillies pack.
  • Chilli Focus: a specialist chilli liquid feed
  • Pencil
  • Labels


If you run out of compost pellets, please get in touch. We can always provide more or you can use any good seed compost.   The beauty of the new propagators is you can use them easily again and again. 



Pricing includes vat.

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Rosebarn Nursery, Auswell, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7FP