Custom Chilli Hamper ** FREE DELIVERY

Custom Chilli Hamper ** FREE DELIVERY


Make up your chilli hampers with the products of your choice.


Nov 21st Update : We won't have these hampers for much longer as our supplier is out of hampers for 2020, so once they've gone, theyve gone.  Now we could raise our prices but we don't work that way!



Includes ANY 3 sauces, ANY Chilli Oil, ANY Salt/Pepper grinder , ANY chutney or jam  plus 2 chocolate bars - Demon & Dark      (8 products in total)


Sauces in heat order: 


Choose 3 from 

  • Sweet Chilli Sauce,
  • Blackcurrant Chilli Sauce,
  • Dartmoor Smoke,
  • Dartmoor Goblin,
  • Fruity Habanero,
  • Hot Fire Naga & Lime,
  • Beast of Dartmoor,
  • Firecracker Hot Sauce,
  • Dartmoor Dynamite,
  • Dartmoor Dragon


Oils (in heat order) : 

Choose 1 from

  • Regular Chilli,
  • Garlic  & Chilli,
  • Lemon Thyme & Chilli
  • Naga Hot Chilli,


Chilli Salt/Pepper Grinder   (in heat order)

Choose 1 from

  • Regular chilli salt,
  • Lemon chilli salt,
  • Mixed Herb chilli salt,
  • Smoked chilli salt,
  • Garlic & Chive chilli salt
  • Hot chilli pepper
  • Himalayan Naga Salt ** NEW
  • Naga Hot Salt


Preserves (in heat order)

Choose 1 from

  • Rhubarb and Ginger chilli chutney
  • Spicy Tomato chilli chutney
  • Smoky Onion chilli chutney
  • Sweet chilli jam,
  • Smoky Chilli Jam**if available,


Also includes 2 bars of Chocolate.  We are very low on chocolate so we can't give you a choice on these.  It will come with Demon and Dark chocolate bars


Available with a red&white or  tartan hamper. 


Supplied in a really nice chunky lined lockable hamper which can be used again and again.     We've seen quite a few hampers and these are easily the nicest we've seen.      (they rrp at £19.99 online)



If buying as a gift, we can also add the message of your choice free of charge on a little card. We can ship direct to your recipient under plain wrap.


There is VAT on part of this product (on the chocolate). This will be shown on the invoice which we generate and ship with the goods (unless shipped direct as a gift). Then it is emailed to the purchaser.