Dartmoor Destroyer Extreme Chilli Sauce, 50ml

Dartmoor Destroyer Extreme Chilli Sauce, 50ml


Based on our popular Goblin sauce but many times hotter.

This product is made with 50% chillies .... a combination of home grown Carolina Reaper, Habanero Fatali , Habanero 7 pot and Habanero Paper Lantern) combined with 9.3 MILLION  chilli oleoresin.  

The affect is a double kick.  You get al ot of initial heat from the chillies and then after 30-40 seconds the extract kicks in.   So it fries the back of your mouth first and then the extract hits the front of your mouth.   Use a couple of drops at a time. Similar sauces to our Destroyer sell at between £6 and £10 per bottle. However we like to keep our prices very competitive.


This product is extremely hot. However, because it is based on the Goblin sauce and uses a mountain of fresh pods, it still has good flavour. Sometimes extract sauces can taste terrible. This one doesnt.It is possible to get much hotter sauces than this one. However we like to think we've made a good balance between ultimate heat and flavour.


Not quite our hottest product... that of course is WILDFIRE and our Fear the Reaper vial of pain


If you want something similar in heat but a different sort of flavour try Dartmoor Dragon.




Also see our 3 for £10 mix & match offer

Chillies 50%  (Carolina Reaper, Habanero Fatali, Paper Lantern), Tomatoes, Apples, Sugar, Garlic, Cider Vinegar, 9 million oleoresin, ginger, lemon juice, salt.