Say you are at a restaurant and the waiter bring you your curry and it is not hot enough... what do you do??  Send it back and face the wrath of the chef or perhaps you could add a few grains from this vial of pain.  

We have mixed Carolina Reaper and Dorset Naga Chillies, both picked fresh at the farm. We then de-hydate the pods and blitz to a fine power using a coffee grinder.  The Reaper is the current World Record Holder so the heat is instant.  We've added Naga chillies to prolong the burn.    


Our hottest natural product.  Want hotter try Wildfire.



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Fear the Reaper Vial

  • Heat Rating: Extreme

    Size: 12g

  • Ingredients: Twist vials containing 100% dried/crushed chillies. The blend is 90% Reaper and 10% Naga.