Habanero 3 Plant Mix Pack PLUS free plant feed **Limited stocks**

Habanero 3 Plant Mix Pack PLUS free plant feed **Limited stocks**




Free seaweed liquid feed with every pack!



Limited stock.   Due to the lack of markets at the moment, we have some spare plants. 


Can be backordered now.    We ONLY ship these by UPS courier and we MUST have a telephone number in case they cannot deliver or find your address.  


A pack of 3 Hot Habanero culinary plants in 7cm pots.  These are larger than just plugs and will just require potting into larger pots when the roots reach the bottoms of the pots. All the hard work has been done.


3 plants, 3 different varieties : 


We do not use pesticides, fungicides and these are grown from seed without any chemicals.



Habanero Fatali

The plants grow to around 60cm high and the 8cm pods ripen from green to a bright yellow.
It is a challenging variety as it can take along time to germinate.
However it is one of the most interesting Habanero types with  gorgeous looking pods.  The pods are fantastic in sauces adding a delicious fruity flavour. Great pod for roasting.

This variety can be spelt in a number of ways including :
Fataali, Fatalli, Fatali & Fatalii


Scoville Rating : 350,000 units




Habanero  Limon


A fruity and variety with a hint of apricot scent which originates from the Caribbean.  The vigorous plants (70-80cm) tall produce excellent crops of 5cm long lantern shaped hot fruits with a fruity citrussy flavour.


Scoville Rating : 250,000 units





Habanero Maya Red


The Habanero Maya Red peppers are about 6-8 cm in length and mature from green to bright red. The peppers are more slender than the typical Habanero. These very hot peppers have good taste. This variety early maturing and does well in cooler climates.  They are similar to Paper Lantern pods but have less heat.   We grow these every year and these are very prolific.


Scoville Rating : 200,000 units