***LIMITED STOCKS - we only have a few hampers left so when they are gone, they are gone. 


vWe are always a bit disappointed with hampers. A nice outer case but lots of filler.


Our NEW hampers are cool. Quality hampers which you can use them again and again for family picnics etc.   Much better than a wicker tray with a bit of clingfilm over the front!!


We also really pack the goodies in and keep the price at a level which we think is very good value.


This hamper has all of our best selling hot & extreme products so it's sure to please the ardent chilli enthusiast.   We have the Best Seller hamper if you want something a little milder.

10" Hamper  this gift includes:


  • Dartmoor Destroyer - Our hottest sauce in the range. We use a combination of chillies including Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion. It also contains 9 million chilli oleoresin which gives the sauce a double kick. Extreme Heat    


  • Dartmoor Dragon - An evil Naga sauce made with mangos and pineapples - and of course... Ghost Chillies. One for the chilli addicts. A bit hot as a dip but great for livening up your recipes. Extreme Heat.


  • Naga Chilli Salt - Something a bit different and one of our favourite products. This is course sea salt in a glass grinder with added NAGA chillies. A twist of the grinder gives your food additional flavour and a large dose of heat. We use it ALL the time. It's our go - to product again and again. Hot Heat    (reusable grinder - refills available seperately)


  • Firecracker Hot Sauce - A fiery Sweet Chilli Sauce. Made with fresh Firecracker chillies and a large amount of Habaneros including Habanero orange, Habanero Fatali plus a touch of Reaper and Scorpion.      Hot Heat


  • Dartmoor Demon - Our legendary evil chocolate. This stuff has been known to bring fully grown men to tears. We use it on trick & treaters. Perfect if you work for the tax office. There are other hot chocolates out there but the Demon is 4% Naga - yes 4%. Not 0.4! It starts off slowly but builds and builds. Our most entertaining product at markets! Extreme Heat


  • Fear the Reaper - Our hottest Natural product. It is a twist vial on a keyring full of a combination of Carolina Reaper (90%) and Ghost Chilli (10%). Great for chilli heads on the go. The Reaper gives an intense burn and the Ghost extends this burn. Ultimate Heat


  • Hot & Spicy Multipack of Seeds  - A multipack of Hot & Spicy seeds  Hot Heat


  • Dried Naga Chillies  - The infamous Bhut Jolokia or Ghost chilli. A tin containing dried NAGA  for really spicing up your food. Handle with extreme caution and ALWAYS wear gloves. Ultimate Heat


If buying as a gift, we can also add the message of your choice free of charge on a little card. We can ship direct to your recipient under plain wrap.


There is VAT on part of this product (on the chocolate). This will be shown on the invoice which we generate and ship with the goods (unless shipped direct as a gift). Then it is emailed to the purchaser.


Suitable for vegetarians and vegans  (and everyone else!)

Hot & Spicy Hamper