Limited Stocks. Ideal for Valentines day!


A mini hamper containing the following spicy items :


* Dartmoor Smoke - Our smoked Jalapeno sauce "Chipotle". Mild Heat. Good flavour


* Dartmoor Goblin  - Our best selling sauce, Medium Heat.  Roasted garlic and onion.


* Firecracker Hot Sauce  - A sweet sauce with attitude. Made with a mixture of hot chillies including Habaneros and Scotch Bonnets - and of course Firecracker chillies!


* Naga Chilli Salt - Our favourite product. Used everyday. Grind it over your food for instant flavour and a good kick of heat.  


* Dartmoor Demon - Our evil chocolate bar.  This bar contains 4% Ghost Chilli and is ideal for people who like it hot hot hot!


* Dartmoor Dragon  - Made with mangoes, pineapples and a mountain of Dorset Naga chillies.    It also has a sting in the tail with a double kick.   It contains our Wildfire extract 6.4 million. However with the amount of fresh fruit, we think it is the best extract sauce out there.   A very high level of heat but with flavour too.


* Fear the Reaper Vial - Our hottest product.   A keyring twist vial containing crushed Carolina Reaper & Naga pods.   Ideal for the chilli head on the go!


The hampers are not as chunky as our usual ones but then the price is alot cheaper. We've tried to pack our goodies in as much as possible.    Put it this way, there is no room for anything else!


 Only 5 units available



* We are hoping to have our standard hampers back in the stock soon. However the hamper company is still waiting for their stock which was been delayed due to Brexit red tape and the ongoing Covid crisis.


Mini Spicy Hamper