Naga "Himalayan" Salt Grinder, 100g

Naga "Himalayan" Salt Grinder, 100g


Naga Salt - made with Himalayan Salt and our dried Naga chillies. 


The blurb : 


Himalayan salt is the natural, purest, unprocessed and pollutant free salt available. It contains 84 minerals and elements that are essential for our health. It balances body’s pH level, boosts energy level, stabilizes blood pressure and improves hydration.

While choosing edible salt, Himalayan salt does not contain any environmental pollutants.


We like it as it's a bit different.. The salt is courser than the Sea Salt and goes really well with cheese on toast!


Only currently available with Naga's.   The reason for this is twofold

1) Naga Salt is our best seller and Phil's favourite product. 

2) The dried Nagas flakes we make are a tad bigger than the regular chilli flakes and therefore go well in these grinders.