Dartmoor Chilli Farm - Original Grow Kit

In this pack is everything you need to get started growing chillies for yourselves.  

In our kit, you can comfortably grow six plants at a time.  You can either use compost or use the pellets provided. 


We also have the Premium Grow kit which is pretty much the same except the Propagator unit is much more sturdy and comes with addition air vents.    This original grow kit comes with a clasp together mini greenhouse.


The mini greenhouse is designed for growing on a windowsill.


Now included : 


Habanero Orange
Ornamental (Prairie Fire equivalent)


Please note we include easy to grow / tried and tested varieties. Hotter varieties such as Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reapers will need electric propagators to germinate.


  • Clamshell clasp together mini greenhouse
  • 18 compost pellets
  • 4 individual seed packs including  Habanero, Jalapeno, Cayenne and Ornamental Prairie Fire
  • Chilli Focus: a specialist chilli liquid feed
  • Pencil
  • Labels
  • Instructions 


If you run out of compost pellets, please get in touch. We can always provide more or you can use any good seed compost.  




Pricing includes vat.

Original Grow Kit